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Tis the season of giving. Today I have rounded up eleven of my favorite DIY holiday gift ideas to share with you. In this post, you will find great  DIY gift ideas for just about everyone on your list. Ideas that include handmade bath salts, homemade vanilla extract, roasted rosemary cashews, scratch-made apple butter, chocolate-covered vintage stamped spoons, candle holders, vases, and more.

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Gifts Made By Hand and From the Heart Are Always The Best

There is no denying that handmade gift ideas are not only incredibly economical but are also thoughtful and filled with love. The time that you put into making any gift for someone is never time wasted. The love and thought put into a handmade gift are always felt and very much appreciated by the recipient. 

11 Beautiful, Easy, and Thoughtful DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Close up of homemade peppermint bath salts.

Homemade Bath Salts

Homemade bath salts make the perfect handmade gift for friends and family this holiday season. While you’re bottling it for gifts, be sure to save some for yourself. After all, there is nothing like a relaxing bath to ease the stress of a hectic holiday season. A couple of my favorite bath salt scents to make during the holidays are peppermint and lavender. You can even add a couple of drops of vanilla essential oil to the lavender to give it a touch of sweetness and warmth for the season. 

A bottle of homemade vanilla extract in front of a Christmas tree.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Once you cook or bake with homemade vanilla extract, you will never use store-bought vanilla extract again. It’s incredibly easy to make and makes a great DIY gift-giving idea during the holiday season. It’s not only the perfect gift for the baking lovers in your life, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Click the link above to the post to read and find out why. I also share a very cute and special way of gifting it. 

A white frosted cake on a DIY wood bead cake stand with flowers, plates, and rose folded napkins next to them.

DIY Wood Bead Cake Stand

This beautiful DIY wood bead cake stand is perfect to use in your home all year round, but especially during the holidays. With just a few pieces from the hardware store and dollar, thrift, or craft stores you can easily make a stunning pedestal stand to display in your home. It’s also a great gift idea for friends and family to use in their homes. This handmade cake stand is a perfect way to display Christmas cookies, Bundt cakes, pies, and coffee cakes at Christmastime. It’s also an extra special way to display candles, plants, and home decor. No matter how you use it, it is a wonderful custom-made accent piece in any home.

Chocolate dipped spoons tied to Christmas mugs in front of a Christmas tree.

Holiday Mug With Chocolate Dipped Spoons

These chocolate-dipped spoons are a thoughtful and delicious sweet treat for you and your loved ones, especially during the holiday season. They’re perfect for coffee and hot cocoa lovers AND they make a great homemade gift idea! They also make a sweet “take-home” treat when getting together for Friendsgiving or at Christmastime. Tie them onto a special holiday mug to give to the ones you love.

I get my stamped spoons now from my sweet and talented friend, Ashlee at The Sassy Barn. Her vintage stamped spoons, spreaders, sugar drops, and serving pieces are handcrafted and beautifully made. These are truly one-of-a-kind pieces that make outstanding gifts. 

Here are a few of my favorite holiday mugs this year:

Chocolate-dipped spoons are also great to have in your own home during the holiday season when you have guests staying over. They can use them in the morning or after dinner for their coffee or tea and then take the spoon home with them. Hosts and hostesses will love them when you bring them to a party or get together to say, “Thank you for inviting me!”

Snowy jar candle holders and ornament.

Snowy Jar Candle Holders

These snowy jar candle holders are so easy to make, they look beautiful, and they’re very festive. This DIY is one of my most popular on Pinterest with almost 4 million saves. Snowy jar candle holders are a lovely way to decorate your home for the holidays. This project is also a great way to upcycle those glass jars you’ve been hanging on to waiting for the perfect use for them. These sweet and festive jars are also a great DIY this season to make as gifts for your loved ones. You can make snowy ornaments for the Christmas tree too!

Snowy jar candle holders with the candles lit.

DIY simmer pot gifts, one in a clear bag and another in a mason jar.

DIY Simmer Pot Gift

A DIY simmer pot gift is beautiful, easy to assemble, inexpensive to make, and it’s an incredibly thoughtful gift. Who doesn’t love the smell of the holidays!? Everyone is sure to love this gift including family, friends, hosts and hostesses, co-workers, teachers, and more. Don’t forget to make one for yourself too. You deserve it!

A DIY simmer pot with oranges, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, rosemary, and spices in a cast iron pot.

Easy crockpot apple butter on a small wood spoon with a jar of apple butter under it.

Easy Crockpot Apple Butter

This easy crockpot apple butter recipe is filled with rich fall flavors and only takes 10 minutes to prepare. It makes the perfect DIY gift idea this holiday season. One batch makes 4-6, 8-ounce jars of delicious apple butter that you can give to friends and family throughout the holidays. You and those you gift it to will want to spread the rich and delicious apple butter on everything from bread and biscuits to waffles and pancakes. It’s delicious on crepes and in oatmeal and yogurt too! You can even spread it on roasted pork, grilled chicken, or a turkey sandwich. I love it on a fall panini sandwich! As you can see, it’s pretty much delicious on just about everything.

Roasted rosemary cashews in a white bowl.

Roasted Rosemary Cashews

These roasted rosemary cashews are made with sugar, spice, and everything nice. They are the perfect savory snack this holiday season. Warm nuts tossed with a little butter, fresh rosemary, salt, warm spices, and a touch of sugar and cayenne make them virtually irresistible.

Serve these delicious cashews in a bowl on the table, use them on a charcuterie board for guests, take them on a hike in nature, or just eat them by the handfuls throughout the day. A jar of these salty, sweet, and slightly spicy nuts also makes a great host/hostess gift during the holidays. Your friends, family, and neighbors will love you. Be sure to have the recipe handy! I promise they will ask you to share it.

DIY glass hurricane lamps on a table outside with a faux floral arrangement in a white pumpkin.

DIY Glass Hurricane Lamps

I created these DIY glass hurricane lamps by upcycling a glass vase and a glass candle holder. You can also use items from a dollar store and thrift store too. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Give these beautiful lamps to friends and family this holiday season to use inside or outside the home. They create a warm, inviting, and cozy glow in any space. I can’t wait to use mine in the farmhouse this upcoming holiday season and all throughout the new year!

DIY gold leaf vase styled with Spring flowers on a tray with a bunny figurine, books, and candles.

DIY Gold Leaf Vase

Making a DIY gold leaf vase is the perfect way to turn an ordinary unused, thrifted, or Dollar Store glass vase into an extraordinary one. It also makes a beautiful gift for someone you love this holiday season. Add beauty and shine to any glass vase or bottle with this quick and easy project. You can also make a gold leaf and candle holder too. Together they make a beautiful set. They are perfect for a shelf, table, kitchen island, bathroom counter, or anywhere in the home. Add a beautiful seasonal flower arrangement to the vase, and voila! It makes the perfect gift.

Mercury glass candle holders styled on the coffee table with flowers and books in front of the porch swing on the porch.

DIY Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Making DIY mercury glass candle holders is easy and inexpensive! They are incredibly beautiful additions to your home decor and can be used all year round. The year-round use of these candle holders makes them the perfect DIY gift idea for your loved ones this holiday season. Throughout the new year, they will think of you when they use them inside or outside their home. This DIY is another great way to upcycle glass jars. I love an easy, inexpensive, and beautiful DIY, don’t you?!

DIY mercury glass candle holder with "etched" leaf design on it.

I hope at least one of these easy, beautiful, and delicious DIY holiday gift ideas inspires you. Hopefully, you will enjoy making one or more of them to give to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, host/hostess, or anyone you love and appreciate this holiday season. One thing is for sure, they will certainly appreciate the effort, time, and thoughtfulness you put into making a gift for them. 

I look forward to sharing lots more new ideas with you this holiday season. Join me on Instagram and Pinterest for more farmhouse inspiration, delicious recipes, easy and beautiful DIYs, and more. I hope to see you there!

Pinterest Pin for DIY holiday gift ideas.


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