DIY Mercury Glass Candle Holders

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Making DIY mercury glass candle holders is easy and inexpensive! They are incredibly beautiful additions to your home decor and can be used all year round. This DIY is a great way to upcycle glass jars. I love an easy, inexpensive, and beautiful DIY!

DIY mercury glass candle holders on the coffee table in front of the couch with some flowers.

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A Spark of Inspiration

Recently, I was inspired by my dear friend, Tammy at Lavender Brook Home. She made beautiful DIY mercury glass Christmas ornaments for her Christmas tree over the holiday season. I loved the way they turned out! Her inspiration got me thinking about how I could add the gorgeous shimmer, shine, and warm glow to our home for the winter season.  It was then that I decided I wanted to try my hand at making DIY mercury glass candle holders. I’m head over heels with this new DIY!

Mercury Glass Love

Living room with sofa, coffee table, side table and blanket ladder on a beautiful white wool rug.

I have long been a lover of mercury glass. A few of my favorite home decor pieces include candle holders, jars, vases, and Christmas ornaments. If you have ever shopped for these types of pieces for your home, you know that along with being beautiful, they can also be pricey.

Recently, I learned how easy and inexpensive it is to create the same beautiful mercury glass look for much less. Now, after trying the method, I’m obsessed.

Mercury glass adds a timeless and beautiful shine and reflection to the home. Without a doubt, my favorite mercury glass pieces are candle holders. Even without candles lit inside them, they are very pretty. However, when candles are lit inside, they are truly gorgeous! The warm glow that candles give off in mercury glass adds a cozy and inviting feel to any space. 

Materials Needed to Make DIY Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Materials needed to make DIY mercury glass candle holders including glass jars, mirror spray paint, painters tape, vinegar and water.

To make DIY mercury glass candle holders, you only need a few things. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by how easy and affordable this DIY is! 

The glass vessels used for this DIY can come from a craft store, a dollar store, or a thrift store. Upcycling yogurt and jelly jars for DIY mercury glass candle holders are also a great idea.

Here is everything you need to make DIY mercury glass candle holders:

How to Make DIY Mercury Glass Candle Holders

This project involves spray paint so it’s highly recommended that the area you work in is well ventilated. Working outside is always best, if possible. Be sure to protect the work surface and I recommend wearing gloves too.

Make the Vinegar and Water Solution

Combine equal parts water and vinegar in the spray bottle. Spray the bottle a few times before using it to ensure that the mist is fine and not a stream. 

A glass of water and a glass of vinegar, equal parts. In between them is a spray bottle.

Prepare the Jars

Wash the inside and the outside of the jars and then dry them thoroughly. Using painter’s tape, tape the outside of the jars. For this project, we are only spraying the inside of the jar. The tape will help to protect the outside of the jars in case the paint oversprays.

Taping the outside of a glass candle holder to prepare iit for paint on the inside.

Spray the Inside of Jar With Silver Spray Paint 

Working quickly, spray the first coat of silver spray paint inside the jar.

Spraying the inside of a glass candle holder with silver spray paint.

Mist the Inside of the Jar with the Vinegar and Water Solution

After a few seconds of the silver spray paint drying, gently mist the inside of the jar with the vinegar and water solution. You will see little droplets of the water and vinegar creating specks and dots in the silver paint. This is good!

Spraying the inside of the glass jar with a vinegar and water solution after the first coat of silver spray.

Vinegar and water droplets inside the glass candle holder that was sprayed with silver paint.

Repeat the Spray Paint and Vinegar and Water Mist 

Depending on how transparent you want the mercury glasses pieces to look you can continue to repeat the process until the desired look is achieved. For me, 2-3 coats of paint and then the vinegar and water solution were perfect. I wanted the glow of the candles inside to show through from the inside out. The more layers you do, the less opaque the glass will be. 

Allow the Jars to Dry Thoroughly and Enjoy

After about an hour, the jars should be dry. To speed up the drying process a hairdryer is helpful. Once the candle holders are fully dry, remove the outer tape. Insert the candles, light the wicks, and enjoy your DIY mercury glass candle holders.

A Vintage-Inspired Variation of DIY Mercury Glass Candle Holders 

Once I got the hang of making these DIY mercury glass candle holders, I started experimenting with different looks. That’s when things got really fun! I had some leftover gold spray paint from another project, so I decided to switch things up on one of the jars.

Spraying gold spray paint in glass candle holder after silver spray paint and vinegar and water solution.

First, I sprayed the inside of the jar with the “Looking Glass” silver spray paint and did the first misting of vinegar and water (just like usual).  Next, I sprayed the gold spray paint for the second layer followed by the vinegar and water solution mist. Then, I sprayed the “Looking Glass” silver spray paint again for a third coat. Finally, I misted the last round of vinegar and water solution inside the jar. After it dried thoroughly and I put a candle inside this version of my DIY mercury glass candle holder, I was smitten. This was my favorite combination! 

DIY mercury glass candle holders showing the difference between all silver and the addition of gold paint.

The gold spray paint layer added a vintage look to the mercury glass. When the candle inside was lit, the warmth and glow that showed through were beautiful!

Mercury glass candle holders styled on the coffee table with flowers and books in front of the porch swing on the porch.

Faux Etched DIY Mercury Glass Candle Holders

After getting the hang of making mercury glass candle holders, I decided to try my hand at making them look “etched.” Of course, I don’t know how to etch glass, but I do know how to paint. Using a stencil I found at Hobby Lobby, I used white acrylic paint and stenciled a leaf design on one of my candle holders. I love how it turned out! The design adds visual interest and delicate detail to the candle holder which is absolutely beautiful. 

DIY mercury glass candle holder with "etched" leaf design on it.

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I hope you enjoy making these DIY mercury glass candle holders as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. For more easy DIYs, home decor styling tips, and sources join me on Pinterest and Instagram too. I look forward to seeing you there. Happy decorating!

Pinterest Pin for DIY mercury glass candle holders.

Pinterest Pin for DIY mercury glass candle holders with faux etching.


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  1. Shannon Fox says:

    This is such a pretty project, and I love variety of vessels you tried it on. They are all lovely! As is your gorgeous photography.

  2. Pat says:

    I am concerned about the heat of the candle inside with the paint. Safe? I love the look but do you think you could do it on the outside? Thanks!

    • Meeghan says:

      Hi Pat! I understand your concern. However, even retail mercury glass is painted on the inside. You can certainly try to use the method on the outside, but I don’t think the results will be nearly as successful or beautiful. I imagine it will also be quite messy. From my experience after making several DIY mercury glass candle holders and using them often, I’ve had no issues. Also, if you are concerned about safety, you can use flameless candles inside. Hope this helps!

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