Caraway Holiday Gift Guide 2022

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Today, I’m excited to share my Caraway holiday gift guide with you. Right now, you can get up to 20% off Caraway home goods site-wide. This is their biggest sale of the season.

It’s no secret that I love spending time in the kitchen, especially during the holiday season. Cooking and baking are true passions of mine. As someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, I have a great appreciation for quality cookware and bakeware.

Cream Caraway pots and pans on the stovetop in the kitchen.

What I love about Caraway kitchenware is that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it’s very functional too. When Caraway designed its products, it also kept the challenge of storage in mind. Their products are non-toxic thanks to their smooth non-stick ceramic coating. Whether you purchase Caraway kitchenware in sets or as individual pieces, they are sure to make life in the kitchen easier and healthier. There are so many reasons why Caraway home goods make a great gift this holiday season!

Caraway pots and pans stacked up with a bow around them.

Photo courtesy of Caraway

I often get asked what my favorite Caraway cookware piece is. Although I love it all, my favorite pot is the Dutch oven, hands down. It’s my go-to pot to make soups like Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Basil Olive Oil, PopPop’s Minestrone Soup, and White Bean Chicken Chili. I also love to make small roasts in it, like my Italian-Style Pot Roast.

Both my Caraway cookware and bakeware sets are cream color and they are stunning. I often keep my Dutch oven out on the stovetop even when I’m not using it because I just think it looks beautiful in the kitchen.

Caraway Cookware:

The Perfect Gift For The Cooks in Your Life

There are so many reasons to love Caraway pots and pans. Many of the reasons I mentioned above. However, let’s dive a little deeper into their cookware and see why it makes a great gift for the cooks in your life.

Breakfast nook with a centerpiece on the table including white flowers in a vase, a yellow Dutch oven, and fresh baked bread with soup bowls.

  • Beautifully Designed: There is no denying that Caraway kitchenware is beautiful. Typically, the first thing people notice about the cookware is its aesthetically pleasing design. Each piece has a modern and elegant look. These pots and pans look perfect in every kitchen. Caraway cookware comes in several beautiful colors including grey, cream, navy, sage, perracotta, and marigold. The light grey interior of Caraway pots and pans looks nice, but it also allows you to monitor browning during cooking. The 7-piece cookware set includes pan and lid holders for storage.
Caraway pots, pans, bakeware, and lids stored away in a cabinet.

Photo courtesy of Caraway

  • Comfortable: The long handle on many Caraway pieces is rounded and comfortable. Made with mirrored stainless steel which has a hollow center, the design of the handle helps disperse heat to keep the handle cool.
  • Easy and Safe: Caraway pots and pans make cooking easy. They heat quickly and cook incredibly evenly. Clean-up is simple and easy too. The pots and pans are compatible with all cooktops. Made with a heavy gauge aluminum base free of lead, cadmium, and other toxic metals, Caraway cookware is non-toxic. The insides are coated in a proprietary mineral-based ceramic coating that is non-stick.

Cauliflower and vegetable broth in a pot with a wooden spoon next to it.

Caraway Bakeware:

The Perfect Gift For The Bakers in Your Life

Like their pots and pans, Caraway’s bakeware is made from strong, high-quality aluminum steel which is known for its ability to heat up quickly and evenly which is key when it comes to baking. Make healthier baking a piece of cake with their ceramic-coated bakeware. Like their cookware, you can purchase Caraway bakeware as a set. They also offer a half set and you can purchase individual pieces. The bakeware set includes 11 pieces, all featuring a toxin-free ceramic surface so that you can get to baking goods without any of the bads. Sets include storage organizers to keep your kitchen tidy too. 

Caraway bakeware on the kitchen counter.

Photo courtesy of Caraway

There’s A Perfect Caraway Gift For Everyone in Your Life

Hopefully, this Caraway holiday gift guide gives you some shopping inspiration so that you can check off a few people on your list to shop for. Even if you don’t have any cooks or bakers in your life, everyone can use food storage solutions or a beautiful new tea pot. Caraway has got those people covered too!

Recently, Caraway released a food storage line that is just as gorgeous as their cookware and bakeware.

Caraway food storage containers in a cabinet.

Photo courtesy of Caraway.

This holiday season I think we are all looking forward to leftovers. With Caraway’s food storage set, including 14-pieces of the neatest, cleanest, and best-looking approach to storing food the leftovers will be kept safe until the next time you enjoy them. These easy-to-store, non-toxic ceramic-coated glass containers are guaranteed to keep food extra fresh and organized.

A Caraway Whistling Kettle makes the perfect gift this holiday season and it’s included in my Caraway Holiday Gift Guide.

Photo courtesy of Caraway.

For the tea lovers of your life the Caraway tea kettle makes a wonderful gift idea and gives them a beautiful centerpiece on the stovetop. The whistling tea kettle is a modern take on the classic kitchen essential, constructed with non-toxic materials to keep boiled water clean and free of harmful chemicals. As easy on the eyes as it is on the ears, the durable stainless steel tea kettle is one worth whistling at this holiday season.

Thank you for joining me today! I hope you find this Caraway holiday gift guide helpful. Happy shopping and happy holidays!



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