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I’m so excited to share my favorite farmhouse room refresh to date with y’all! This European farmhouse style bedroom refresh was inspired by the gorgeous Wesley Allen, Chamberlain bed.  Designed with subtle earthy tones, lots of texture, and timeless vintage pieces this room exudes European farmhouse style. The goal was to create a bedroom with understated charm and cozy sophistication.  

Wesley Allen Chamberlain bed headboard with pillows on the bed below it. Above on the wall are horse prints and to the sides of the beds are nightstands with a lamp, flowers, and books on them.

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What is European Farmhouse Style?

Before we get to the details, let’s talk about what European farmhouse style is exactly. This beautiful description by  American Farmhouse Style sums it up perfectly. “European farmhouse style is a combination of the relaxed, at-home feel of the American farmhouse, mixed with the old-world feel of European elegance. The style isn’t tied to a specific country or region, but is a mixture of elements from these places.” 


Now that you have a better understanding of what European farmhouse style is, let’s talk about some specific elements of the style. Typically, the colors in the design are neutral and muted. These tones create the perfect backdrop that make adding color easy. Rich colors such as crimson, mustard yellow, and deep green (just to name a few) help to create a dramatic and welcoming feel. Mixed metals such as brass, copper, and iron also add an old-world feel while wood tones help create a sense of timeless appeal. 

Close up of the bed and pillows with horse prints on the wall above the bed.


Although color in design is important, texture cannot be ignored. Texture is key in European farmhouse style, whether it’s cozy woven fabrics or light and airy linen. It can be found in the form of upholstery, bedding, throw blankets, pillows, and rugs. Brick, marble, terracotta, baskets, and ceramics all create wonderful texture adding a rustic and inviting feel to any space.


Many pieces used in European farmhouse design have an old-world worn feel to them particularly in the form of distressing. It’s particularly apparent on furniture including tables, chairs, benches, and more. Whether the furniture or decor in the space being decorated are genuine antiques or new replications of time-worn pieces, the overall feel should be inviting and comfortable.

Open shelves Styled with a collection of antique and new pieces to give the shelves old-world character.

Together, these elements of color, texture and old-world character contribute to the overall organic look and feel of this beautiful style of interior design.

Design Inspiration from Wesley Allen

As I mentioned above, the inspiration for the design of this European farmhouse style bedroom refresh was the bed. The Chamberlain bed, by Wesley Allen, stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on it. It is casually elegant. The minimalistic and simple style was exactly what I was looking for. Once I found the bed, the rest of the design for this bedroom fell easily into place.

Wide angle photo of the Chamberlain bed, the rug, the open shelves, and the wall art in the bedroom.

Wesley Allen offers handmade designer iron and upholstered furniture. The durability and versatility of their pieces are unmatched by wood and other materials. Therefore, each piece makes a bold and beautiful statement in the home. Committed to high-quality standards, innovative designs, and exceptional product lines, Wesley Allen is a furniture company unlike any other. The environment drives them to achieve greatness.

I was first introduced to Wesley Allen beds in our local furniture store. We were in the market for an iron bed for our master bedroom. The Laredo bed frame with an Aged Iron finish was on the showroom floor. I knew the moment I saw it, that it was the perfect bed for us. The design is classic and beautiful and the quality is unparalleled. It is an incredibly solid and sturdy bed.  

Iron bed with floral prints above it and floral and white bedding on it.

What I love most about Wesley Allen beds is the ability to customize each piece. They offer over 60 fabrics to choose from and over 40 metal finishes. Each one is hand applied. For this bedroom refresh, I chose the Chamberlain bed with Sasha Linen and Aged Bronzed iron finish. It turned out perfect!

Close up of the Wesley Allen, Chamberlain bed leg.

If you love this bed, you are going to want to check out our master bedroom bed frame too. It’s also made by Wesley Allen and it’s gorgeous. 

European Farmhouse Style: It’s All in The Details

The bed is the focal point of this European farmhouse-style bedroom refresh. However, there are several decor pieces throughout the room that help tie the entire room together making the space cohesive, charming, cozy, and sophisticated. 

The rug:

Close up of cream and jute diamond rug.

The simplicity of a jute rug can elevate any space creating effortless sophistication. The Hazel Jute Checkerboard area rug features an intricate neutral checkerboard pattern. It is designed to add a fresh and regal ambiance to any room. Made with eco-friendly fiber this rug is also a great sustainable choice. 


Close up photo of wall art above bed. There are two vintage inspired prints of horses.

Typical European farmhouse-style artwork features portraits and landscapes. They evoke a sense of old-world elegance and provide a layer of richness to any space. The horse portraits featured in this bedroom fresh were found on Etsy. These prints are an inexpensive way to add artwork to the home. Simply download the images and have them printed at a local printing store. Oftentimes, finding rustic frames at a vintage market or thrift store is the perfect way to frame artwork for less.


Along with the artwork on the wall, I added some newer accessories that provide an old-world feel. These include a mirror, peg accordion hanging rack, a French market basket, wall sconces, books, and vintage pottery.

Bed Linens:

Crisp white linens on the Chamberlain bed are the perfect backdrop for the textures and colors added through blankets and pillows. Layers of bedding also add to the texture of the space along with creating a cozy feel. After all, shouldn’t every bedroom, regardless of the style feel cozy? Indeed!

Refresh and Relax

The latest European farmhouse style bedroom refresh has received rave reviews here at the farm. The goal of creating a bedroom with understated charm and cozy sophistication has been achieved. Something tells me that this will not be the last European farmhouse style that you will be seeing here.

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  1. Julie says:

    I love your design style, so cozy and welcoming. I am re doing my 3 year old grand daughters room and the rose colored bedroom caught my eye. I purchased the frame, and absolutely love the rug you show in the picture. Would you be willing to share where I could find it. I look forward to following you and all your beautiful designs.

    • Meeghan says:

      Hi Julie! Thank you for your kind words and compliments. I’m so happy you like our daughter’s previous bedroom design. Unfortunately, the rug in that room is no longer available. I bought it from Pier One Imports. I can recommend that you check out Boutique Rugs. They have a beautiful selection of rugs that feature the same blush color. I hope this helps! Thank you for joining me here.

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