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The holidays are right around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to consider a living room refresh. With the help of Wayfair, I was able to add fresh, affordable, and beautiful new touches to the living room. I’m loving the new look! Now, I can’t wait to have friends and family over to enjoy this newly styled space with us.

Living room view with side table, lamp, picture frame, and candle. Pillow is on the end of the counch.

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Where to Begin When Refreshing a Room

When planning the refresh of a room there are a few things to consider: 


How much do you want to spend? Obviously, a room refresh can vary greatly in cost depending on how much you want to change the space. The budget for my living room refresh was $400. With $400 I was able to change the look and feel of the living room with some very budget-friendly pieces of home decor.


Do you want this to be a quick project or do you want to achieve a new look over time? For me, it was all about making this living room refresh quick and easy. I was able to shop for the pieces I wanted online, order them, receive them, and style them in about a week. Now that is quick and easy!


What style and design do you plan to incorporate in your room refresh? I always find making a mood board helps in the planning of the design process. For this refresh, I was ready to add some color to our very neutral living room. As I began brainstorming ideas, I found myself gravitating to a lot of blue, blue-grey in particular. After adding some of my favorite finds to my mood board, I then had a very clear direction in which I wanted to go for this living room refresh.

Mood board with living room refresh home decor inspiration including a pillow, picture frame, candle, rug, lamp and blanket. 5 Home Decor Items That Are Perfect For a Living Room Refresh

A living room refresh doesn’t need to cost a lot of money or be complicated. There are five simple and affordable home decor items that are perfect for refreshing a living room (or any room in your home). 


Arial photo of shoes on a denim blue and beige vintage inspired rug.

A new rug can be a beautiful and dramatic way to introduce a new style, new color, and texture to a space. Although many rugs can be expensive, they are getting more and more competitively priced every day. A rug can make a huge impact and completely change the look and feel of a room. It’s definitely my favorite piece to use when refreshing a room. The Sagefield rug that I chose for my refresh offers a classic yet contemporary design making it timeless. It’s also got an elevated neutral color palette which is exactly what I was looking for in the living room. Not only is this rug surprisingly affordable, but it’s also incredibly soft underfoot. Win-win!


Pillows on the couch with a cream knit blanket.

Pillows and pillow covers are a very impactful and inexpensive way to introduce new color and texture into a space. This Friedman square cotton pillow cover showcases a fashionably faded motif of medallions and stripes in cream, navy, and pale blue hues. The stitch accents along the edges round out the look with a decorative touch. It’s made from 100% cotton and has a zipper closure. Whenever this piece needs a pick-me-up, just spot-clean and, let it line dry. It’s perfect for homes with children and pets.

Pillow covers are also ideal when it comes to storage. Instead of having to store bulky pillows for later use, pillow covers can be easily stored in a closet by hanging them on skirt hangers with clips. 


Blue knit blanket draped over the arm of a white and wood club chair.

Blankets are a wonderful example of functional home decor. A blanket keeps you warm when it’s cool and it creates visual interest in a room through color and texture. Drape a blanket over the arm of a chair or the back of a couch. This Aleda woven luxury throw is an intricate stippled knit throughout which gives it a luxurious look. A blanket ladder is a great way to store blankets when they aren’t being used and also looks lovely propped up in an empty corner of a room. 

Table Accents

Table accents are incredibly versatile when it comes to decorating the home. They give you the ability to add some personality to your home. My favorite “go-to” table accents are photo frames, candles, and vases. Placed on tables throughout our home, these pieces accentuate my love for family, friends, warmth, and florals in my life. 

Picture Frames

Nothing says, “home” like photos of family and friends thoughtfully placed throughout the home. This Anderson engraved floral wood picture frame comes in two sizes and has an easel back. It’s perfect for displaying your favorite photos This picture frame will make a charming statement in any room it is placed in. 


Candles create a beautiful ambiance in any room. Candlelight makes a space feel warm, welcoming, and comfortable. Along with an inviting look, scented candles also make a room in the home smell amazing. This clean-burning Hope scented jar candle is not only beautiful, but the scent is wonderful. Hope features smoldering ground cinnamon and clove blended with red cedar, patchouli, fir needle, and anise. It’s cozy in a jar! There are so many reasons to use candles when refreshing rooms in the home, especially the living room.


Vase set with 5 bottles on a wood tray with flowers in them on a table.

Finally, no room is complete without some color and some life in it. Flowers and plants are ideal for breathing new life into a room. Creating beautiful floral arrangements in unique vessels adds interest to a space. The 6-piece Weside clear glass table vase set makes a great addition to any coffee table, side table, or sofa table. It would also look great on a mantel.

With this table vase set, you can instantly create an eye-catching display of greenery on a coffee table. The five clear glass bottles are all different shapes and sizes to give the set great visual appeal. With narrow tulip tops, they’re ideal for carrying a single bud or a simple bouquet. The set of bottles comes with a wooden tray for them all to sit on. Together, the vases and tray create a cohesive display. Bonus: These vases are watertight so you won’t have to worry about them leaking all over the place.  


Side table with glass and black metal lamp, flowers in a vase, a photo in a frame and a candle new to the end of the couch.

A new lamp on a table or the addition of a floor lamp can not only provide a fresh new look to a room, but the added light can also change the look and feel of a room. I love this Fulks 30″ bronze and gold table lamp set! This set is so affordable, you get two beautiful lamps for the price of one. They are a great way to lighten up your space without sacrificing style. These lamps are the perfect combination of modern design with traditional detailing. They showcase a crisp bronze finish, a curved clear glass center, and an empire shade. This eye-catching lamp is a distinctive addition to any aesthetic. 

Time to Enjoy the Living Room Refresh

Now that the living room refresh is complete, it’s time to enjoy it! The pops of color, cozy textures, and personal touches now make this room extra special. I cannot wait to spend time here with family and friends for the upcoming holidays and for months ahead. The living room is beautiful, comfortable, and truly feels like home. That is always the most important thing to keep in mind when designing or refreshing a room. In the end, the overall goal is to make it a place that truly feels like home to you.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I love everything about this room. Can you tell me the name and brand of the wall color?
    Thank you.

  2. Judy B says:

    I love the entire look of this living room. So warm and lovely. Are the accent chairs from Wayfair?
    Thank you!

    • Meeghan says:

      Thank you so much, Judy. What wonderful compliments! The accent chairs are from Ballard Designs. They are part of the Sofia collection. I’m so happy you like them.

  3. Sharon says:

    I really like the rug. Can you tell me how I can purchase it? Sharon

    • Meeghan says:

      Hi Sharon! I’m so happy you like the rug too. It’s from Wayfair and it’s directly linked in the post. Click on the name of the rug in the body of the post or on the photo at the end of it and it will take you right to it.

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