5 Simple Ways to Refresh a Room Instantly

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Refreshing a room doesn’t have to be difficult or cost a lot of money. There are five simple ways to refresh a room instantly and they will all make a big impact. These ideas will help give a room a whole new look and a fresh new feel going into the new year. 

Laundry room with laundry baskets and open shelving.

The itch to switch.

January tends to be a month when people get the itch to switch. After the Christmas decor is taken down and stored away, many people feel like their house is bare. This feeling of a blank slate at home is often followed by an urge to re-organize, purge, and refresh. 

There are five simple ways you can refresh a room. A rug, some pillows, wall decor, paint, and restyling or rearranging a space are all simple things that can refresh a room instantly. Using all five will completely renew the look and feel of a space, but even just one or two can make an immediate difference when it comes to refreshing the home.

Rug swap.

The same rug shown in two rooms; the foyer and the bedroom.

Rugs are a wonderful way to breathe new life into a space. They add color, texture, and warmth to a home. Being that a rug is a centerpiece, a great way to change the look and feel of a room is by simply swapping out a rug in one room for a rug in another one.

Not only does the look and feel of a rug in a different room make a big difference, but typically the traffic patterns from one room to the next are different which means the life of the rug can be extended. 

Pillow talk.

Same bedroom side-by-side with a refreshed look using pillows and wall decor to change the feel of the space.

There is no denying that pillows set the mood for a room. Pillows are connectors. They help tie in the color palette of a space and create a cohesive look in the home.

Like a rug, pillows add a pop of color and texture. They are welcoming and inviting. Through layering, different sizes and shapes of pillows add dimension to a space. 

The beauty of pillows is that they can be switched out easily. They are a fun and creative way to mix and match different colors and styles in the home. Play with patterned, solid, textured, and different shaped pillows. They are a simple and great way to change the mood and look of any room.

Sidenote: Pillows can be hard to store when they’re not in use because they take up a lot of space. Consider pillow covers when looking to buy new pillows. With quality inserts and several different pillow covers, changing up pillows can be more affordable and storage is much easier. The easiest way to store pillow covers that aren’t being used is by hanging them in the closet from a skirt hanger.

Break down the walls.

Collage of two foyer photos with different wall decor.Not literally. However, changing the wall decor at home can make a big visual impact and make a room feel completely different. Gather up some small framed photos or artwork and create a gallery wall. Consider exchanging a large art canvas in one room for another art piece in a different room. 

Another great way of adding a new look and feel to a space is by adding a feature wall. This can be done in many ways including shiplap or board and batten. A feature wall can be an affordable and easy DIY, don’t be afraid to try it.

Girls bedroom with a shiplap feature wall and pink flower decals.

The power of paint.

Side by side photo of bedroom with different paint colors on the wall. One has blue wall paint and the other has off-white wall paint.

Never underestimate the power of paint. It’s incredible what a gallon of paint can do to change the look and feel of a room. Whether that look is dark and moody or light, bright, and airy paint can help to achieve it.

The beauty of paint is that it can be changed over, and over, and over again. The cost of paint is minimal when you compare the impact it has on a room refresh. 

Don’t be afraid to switch things up.

The living room set up two different ways.

Rearranging and restyling decor throughout the home is an incredibly easy and cost-effective way to instantly refresh any room. Small and simple changes can make a big impact and give the home a fresh new look and feel.

Consider furniture rearranging. Switch up the floor plan in a room. It’s surprising how just the simple act of changing the location of furniture pieces in the home can give a space a whole new look. Restyling tabletops and shelves are also a great way to get a fresh feel in the home.  By switching existing pieces around within the home, a refresh can be less daunting than trying to tackle a whole new look. It’s also free. Win-win.

Sometimes just changing one thing in a room can lead to several other changes resulting in a space that feels completely different and refreshed. Don’t be afraid to give it a try. Worse case, everything can be put back in its original spot if the look isn’t desired.

Five Simple Ways to Refresh a Room Instantly.

A rug, pillows, wall decor, paint, and rearranging furniture are all five simple ways to refresh a room instantly.  Enjoy these easy and cost-effective ideas. They are sure to add a new look and a refreshed feel at home going into the new year.

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Laundry room with laundry baskets and open shelving.


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