Early Fall Decorating on The Front Porch


Can you feel it? Can you see it? The air is cooling off and the leaves are starting to change color. This can only mean one thing… It’s time for early fall decorating on the front porch. I’m so excited to share the early fall touches I’ve added to the front porch with you today!

Wide angle view of the porch swing and coffee table decorated for early fall.

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The Unofficial Start of Fall

Typically, the day after Labor Day is considered the unofficial start of fall. Although some people are still savoring the final moments of summer (I don’t blame you!), others (like me) are anxiously anticipating the arrival of fall.

For many of us, there seems to be a perceived belief that if we begin to decorate for the season and put fall feels into the universe, that it may arrive sooner. Despite annual efforts (from my understanding), I don’t’ believe we have succeeded in our mission as of yet. However, that hasn’t seemed to stop us from trying year after year.

Here are some of my favorite early fall home decor pieces for the porch this year:

Early Fall Decorating vs. Fall Decorating

Although there is excitement in the air for fall’s arrival, many of us are not ready to start decorating with all things pumpkin. Therefore, I find that early fall decorating is a great way to switch things up from summer without committing fully to pumpkins for fall. Beautiful ways to add early fall touches to the home can be through fall foliage, cotton bolls, dried hops, corn and corn husks, apples, pears, figs, and sunflowers.

A coffee table on the front porch decorated with DIY concrete pumpkins, brass cradle holders with white candles, books, and a white pumpkin coffee mug. In the background is a black cat sleeping the porch swing.

Early fall is also a great time to start adding cozy elements through textures and layers. These are great design elements that can be carried through to fall and well into winter. Think rich and luxurious pillows, faux fur or knit throw blankets, baskets, ceramics, and brick. Also, don’t forget about mixed metals too. Copper, brass, gold, pewter, and even silver look especially beautiful paired together from early fall through the winter months. I especially love  candlesticks.

Early Fall

Early fall in the south is a time when the air turns from hot to warm. There are even some days that a coolness can be felt creeping into the breeze. (Catch it when you can!) Although the grass is still green, you can slowly begin to see fall creeping in. The leaves start to change on the trees, cotton bolls begin to open, apples are being picked, and sunflowers are being harvested. This time of year the vibrant colors of the summer begin to fade and more neutral tones become more prominent in nature. As this is the time of year that nature begins to ready itself for hibernation. 

An early fall tablescape featuring neutral florals, eucalyptus, and pears on the table outside. A horse is in the grass in the background.

Falling for Fall Tablescape

Early Fall Decorating

For me, early fall decorating incorporates the highlights of the season. I like to take cues from nature to get my decorating inspiration. This year the sunflower was my inspiration for my early fall decorating on the front porch. The color palette included muted yellow (or mustard yellow), cream, brown tones, and touches of green. Of course, sunflowers were also included! That’s not to say I didn’t include pumpkins in my decorating… I most certainly did. They are in the subtle form of ceramic and  DIY concrete pumpkins. They aren’t orange, but they are the perfect way to start introducing fall feels on the porch.

DIY concrete pumpkins styled on the coffee table on the porch in front of the porch swing.

Tips for Early Fall Decorating

Choose a Color Palette:

A white pitcher filled with sunflowers, a ceramic pumpkin, and candle on a side table next to the porch swing.

As I mentioned above, before I begin decorating I decide on a color palette. In this case, to decorate the porch for early fall the color palette included muted yellow (or mustard yellow), cream, brown tones, and touches of green. This color palette makes it very easy to begin adding in orange, copper, and gold into it once fall officially starts. 

Add Texture:

View of one side of the porch swing with early fall pillows, blanket, and concrete pumpkins on the coffee table.

Adding texture into design is important throughout the year. However, in fall it’s an extra special addition to interior design. Nothing says “cozy,” like texture. It can be added through throw pillows, blankets, bead strands, ceramics, fall foliage and stems. The sky is the limit when it comes to texture in fall and winter. Add it in layers to add extra richness and visual appeal.

Create Continuity:

Two black rocking chairs on the front porch. One has a cream macrame pillow and a muted gold knit blanket on it. In front of the rocker is a black cat napping.

The front porch spans the entire front of the farmhouse. Therefore, continuity is key. Whether time is spent on one side of the porch or the other, the feeling of early fall decorating is felt and enjoyed by all. 

Thank you for joining me today on the front porch! I had so much fun sharing my early fall decorating with you. I hope you enjoyed our time together and found some inspiration too. For more farmhouse inspiration through home decor, easy DIYs, delicious recipes, and much more, I hope you will join me on Pinterest and Instagram too!

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