Falling for Fall Tablescape

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Outdoor tablescape with white dishes, a fall arrangement, and pears.

With the passing of Labor Day, we are now just over a week away from one of my favorite seasons on the farm, Fall. With the coming of Fall, I look forward to pulling out the cozy blankets, having fires in the fireplace, and watching the leaves outside turn vibrant colors of amber, burgundy, gold, and rich brown; all in the cool, crisp air that relieves us from the Summer heat. 

With that temperature relief now hitting us here in the South, we have finally been able to dine outside again. Woo Hoo!

As if to keep us from being too disappointed about Summer coming to a close and Fall not quite arriving, apples and pears have been ripening on the trees. They are a wonderful distraction while we wait for the arrival of gourds and pumpkins in Fall. I love this time of year!

Going apple and pear picking is one of my favorite pre-fall outings. The sweet smell of the apples and pears in the orchards are intoxicating and make you immediately want to go home and bake a pie while drinking cider and churning homemade vanilla ice cream. Is anyone else’s mouth watering?!

As I await the beauty and splendor of Fall, I am celebrating the season we are in, late Summer. This year I celebrated it by creating a tablescape outside, inspired by pear season. I wanted the tablescape to have a rustic, warm, inviting, and textured feel. I wanted it to be cozy, a place where you felt like you could sit, eat, laugh, and have a wonderful conversation.

To start with, I rounded up some pieces in the farmhouse that would help me achieve the cozy look I was going for. I found a canvas ruffled runner and an old blanket. The blanket has a beautiful weave to it and it added just the right amount of texture for my tablescape. I laid them both out across the center of the table. I also brought out an old wood cutting board to put in the center of the table on top of the runners which created a flat surface for my centerpiece to rest on. 

Next, I rummaged through the attic and found some old neutral faux fall stems that I added to a white floral arrangement I already had in a crock on display in the farmhouse. By adding the fall stems, it gave the arrangement the perfect look for an early nod to Fall. I was very pleased with the rustic and whimsical feel of the flowers for the table. 

With the centerpieces finished, it was now time to start setting my table. I love using simple white dishes for my tablescapes. I find that the white dishes allow for the decor on the table (and the food) to be the center of attention. In the bowl of each place setting, I added a Bosc pear and sprig of fresh Rosemary. Not only did they look beautiful at each seat, but the fragrance they gave off at the table was outstanding. I used basketweave napkin rings with natural linen napkins. I love the casual, simple, classic look of linen at the table.

Finally, it was time to fill in the table with the remaining items I found in the farmhouse pantry. No table is complete without delicious rustic baked bread. I also love using fresh (seasonal) fruit in a tablescape to celebrate the season and add color to the table. For this occasion, I used one of my new favorite fruits for the season, Plumcots. The beautiful burgundy and gold color of the fruit is a perfect pairing with the Bosc pears, florals, and the fresh Eucalyptus that I placed throughout the table. 

Everything was just about set. I gathered up my collection of vintage ceramic bottles in beautiful fall hues and a few brass candlesticks I had, and added candles to them. There is nothing like the magical glow of candles in your home or on a table. It’s my favorite! 

With the table set, it’s time now to gather with family around it. We will enjoy delicious food and wonderful company. It’s also time to celebrate the beautiful Summer that is coming to a close and to welcome in the arrival and splendor or Fall. This is such a magical time of year. 

I hope my late Summer, early Fall tablescape gave you some inspiration and if nothing else, maybe the next time you get groceries you can pick up some pears or apples and celebrate the season. If you do, I hope you’ll try my Harvest Pear Crumble recipe. It’s wonderful and the most delicious way to celebrate this time of year. 


  1. Rachel says:

    Beautiful! Love using fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies in a tablescape.

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