DIY Frosted Glass Bottle Winter Decor

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If you are looking for an easy, inexpensive, and beautiful winter project, you are going to love making DIY frosted glass bottle winter decor. It’s a great way to upcycle glass bottles and add a cozy winter touch to your home.

DIY frosted glass bottle winter decor on the coffee on the front porch with greenery and faux white berry stems.

Save the Glass Bottles

It’s no secret that I love upcycling projects. There is no better feeling than repurposing items that would otherwise end up in the garbage. It’s also no secret that I love to save glass jars and bottles. After the holiday season, there is always a plethora of bottles left over from celebrating. Wine, beer, and champagne bottles just to name a few. Sure, recycling them is an option, but what about finding a new purpose for them?  

A Challenging Decor Transition

After the holiday season, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to decorate at home. It’s always a refreshing feeling to take down the holiday decor and declutter. At the same time, the house can sometimes feel a bit bare afterward. Seasonal touches are a wonderful way to decorate throughout the year and in this case, pay homage to winter after Christmas. In this post, I share how I typically transition from Christmas to winter decor.

Once the Christmas decor is taken down in the farmhouse, I often have an urge to get creative. Making this beautiful DIY frosted glass bottle winter decor using the bottles left over from our holiday celebrations at the farm was the perfect easy decor DIY. It was inexpensive too!

Items Needed to Make DIY Frosted Glass Bottle Winter Decor

Clear glass bottles next to a can of frosted glass spray paint.

Two things are all you need to make these gorgeous bottles. Yup, I said it. Only two things!

  1. Clear glass bottles, washed and labels removed
  2. Rust-Oleum Specialty Frosted Glass spray paint (semi-transparent finish)

How to Make DIY Frosted Glass Bottle Winter Decor

  • Remove any labels and adhesives from the bottles.
  • Wash the bottles in soapy water or wipe them down with rubbing alcohol to remove all the adhesive and oils. 
  • In a well-ventilated area (I went outside), place the bottles on a protected surface and spray the bottles with the frosted glass spray paint.

Glass bottle upside down on a wood rod over brown paper getting ready to be sprayed.

  • Hold the spray can upright about 10-inches from the glass bottle and spray steadily in a back and forth motion. 
  • The frosted paint will dry in about 10 minutes.

Glass bottle upside down on a rod drying after being sprayed with frosted glass paint.

  • (Optional) Tie a ribbon, yarn, or twine around the neck of the bottle(s) for a finishing touch.

Frosted glass bottle next to a spool of string and a scissor.

  • Insert fresh or faux greens or flowers or candles in the neck of the bottle(s). Fairy lights in the bottle(s) make for a beautiful display too.
  • Style the bottle(s) on a table, mantel, or shelf.

Note: I sprayed my bottles upside down on a wooden dowel to make it easier to move them into the garage to dry. It was a damp day. However, if it’s a nice day and the bottles can be left outside to dry (ideally), then they can be sprayed right-side up and left in the same spot to dry.

How to Style DIY Frosted Glass Bottle Winter Decor

Styling these DIY frosted glass bottles for winter is easy. One bottle looks beautifully styled on a tray with a sprig of greenery or a single flower, some books, and a candle. Clustering a few bottles on a coffee table, kitchen island, or dining table is also lovely. Add taper candles to the bottles, fresh or faux flowers, or greenery.

DIY frosted glass bottles on the coffee table on the porch in front of the porch swing.

I love using my frosted glass bottles outside on the porch for winter decor. On a simple tray, I cluster the bottles, some vintage books, and a pinecone. Then, in a couple of then bottles, I add faux white berry sprigs and greenery. In another bottle, I add fairy lights and a taper candle. The tray sits on the coffee table in front of the porch swing. I love the winter feel of this look and the glow during some of the darker days. These DIY frosted glass bottles make the perfect winter decor and look beautiful day or night (especially when the fairy lights are on).  

DIY frosted glass bottles on a tray styled with greenery, berries, fairy lights, books and a pinecone.

I hope you enjoy making DIY frosted glass bottle winter decor as much as I did. If you are looking for another beautiful, easy, and inexpensive winter decor DIY you may enjoy making Snowy Jar Candle Holders too. 

There is nothing like an easy, fun, and inexpensive home decor project to keep you busy and satisfy the need to be creative while you stay warm inside during these colder months. Enjoy!

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  1. Aliya says:

    Meeghan!! Are you kidding me?! I thought this was going to be more difficult!! So easy peasy!! Can’t wait to try it!! XoXo

    • Meeghan says:

      Aw! I’m so happy you like the idea, Aliya!! It’s SO easy! I hope you have fun making some of your own. Easy and beautiful, nothing better! Enjoy! XoXo

  2. Valerie says:

    I LOVE this project! Already ordered the frosting spray. Can’t wait to work on this project! Thanks so much for sharing all your projects, recipes, farm pets, etc. I love your style.

    • Meeghan says:

      I’m so happy you LOVE it, Valerie! I hope you share your project with me on social media. I’d love to see it! It’s my pleasure to share with you. Thank you for your kind comment.

  3. Diane says:

    So pretty, easy and fun! Thank you

  4. Marlyne says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so going to try this! You’re so creative!

    • Meeghan says:

      Thank you so much Marlyne! What a wonderful compliment! I’m so happy you like the idea. Have fun making frosted glass bottle winter decor of your own!

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