Frosted Glass Winter Candle Holders

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Another super easy and beautiful Christmas DIY coming your way… These frosted glass winter candle holders are so quick and easy to make. They are also a beautiful way to transition from Christmas to winter decor in your home. Make one for yourself and a couple more to give as gifts to friends and family this holiday season.

A close-up of Frosted Glass Winter Candle Holders styled on a tray with evergreens on the coffee table.

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Frosted Glass Love

I first discovered the magic of frosted glass spray paint earlier this year when I made beautiful frosted glass bottle winter decor using the many wine and champagne bottles that we had left over from the holidays. Little did I know at the time that it was going to be the start of an obsession. Several weeks later, I made frosted glass heart candle holders for Valentine’s Day decor and gifts. From that point on, no glass vessel was safe in the farmhouse!

DIY frosted glass bottles on a tray styled with greenery, berries, fairy lights, books and a pinecone.

Frosted glass heart candle holders with candles lit in them styled with red, white, and pink books and a small vase with flowers.

As I was cleaning out my cabinet that holds my vases, hurricanes, and candle holders one day, I was shocked at how many pieces I had. Most of them were glass. My wheels are always spinning when it comes to DIYs and crafts, particularly when I start to wonder how I can use things I already have in the farmhouse. I wanted to use some of the many glass hurricanes and candle holders I have but no longer use to make simple and beautiful homemade gifts this holiday season. That’s when I remembered the can of frosted glass spray paint I had in the garage. 

After searching Etsy for some winter-themed vinyl stickers I found the perfect ones. Voila! My DIY holiday gift idea was born. I was going to make frosted glass winter candle holders for host/hostess gifts this holiday season. Everyone loves candles, especially in winter!

What You Need to Make Frosted Glass Winter Candle Holders

Everything you need to make frosted glass winter candle holders including glass containers, frosted glass spray paint, winter decals, and paper.

With just a few simple items, you can make these beautiful frosted glass winter candle holders in minutes. Here is what you need:

If you don’t have any glass vessels to use for this project, you can find very inexpensive ones at a dollar store or a thrift store. 

How to Make Frosted Glass Heart Candle Holders

To prevent overspray, roll up a sheet of paper inside the vessel. You can also use painter’s tape around the inside of the rim too. However, I find paper works just fine.

Apply the vinyl decal(s). Be sure the decals firmly adhere to the glass. The edges of the decals should not be lifted and there should be no bubbles. If there is any lift or bubbles on the edges of the decals, the frosted glass paint can get underneath which will result in the outline of the image not being crisp and clear.

Sticking an evergreen tree decal onto a glass container.

Then, in a well-vented area (preferably outside), place the glass vessel on cardboard, an old board, or newspaper to protect the surface you’re using. Hold the spray can upright about 10 inches from the glass vessel and spray the frosted glass spray paint steadily in a back-and-forth motion. 

Spraying a glass vessel with an evergreen tree decal on it with frosted glass spray paint outside.

The paint will dry in about 10 minutes.

Frosted glass winter candle holders after the frosted glass paint has dried.

Finally, once the paint is completely dry, carefully remove the decal(s).

Taking the decals (or stickers) off the Frosted Glass Winter Candle Holders.

Voila! Add a candle inside and now you (or the gift recipient) have a beautiful frosted glass candle holder to use inside or outside the home to celebrate the season. It can even be used as a vase for flowers.

A close-up of Frosted Glass Winter Candle Holders styled on a tray with evergreens on the coffee table.

These frosted glass winter candle holders make great homemade gifts this holiday season. Friends, family, neighbors, hosts, hostess, teachers, and more will love them. They look beautiful wrapped in clear bags and tied up with a ribbon, greenery, holiday picks, dried oranges and/or bells for a festive touch. 

Frosted Glass Winter Candle Holder wrapped in a clear bag and tied up with a red ribbon.

Styling Tips

Frosted Glass Winter Candle Holders styled on a tray with evergreens on the coffee table.

Styling these frosted glass winter candle holders is so fun! They look great on an entryway table, a kitchen or dining table, a coffee table, a shelf, or a kitchen island. These candle holders also look beautiful styled in a vignette on a tray. Use these special home decor pieces to celebrate winter after the holiday season. The neural and simple look of these frosted glass candle holders makes them perfect to leave out throughout the rest of the year. 

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do!

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  1. Diane says:

    Hi my name is Diane I love your ideas where do you get the decals thank you

    • Meeghan says:

      Hi Diane! I’m so happy you love my ideas. I enjoy sharing them with you here. I got the decals for the frosted glass winter candle holders from an Etsy shop called BaysideStickers.

  2. Joan Will says:

    Where did you get your decals?

  3. Joan Will says:

    Oops…saw where you got them in other comments.

  4. Terri T says:

    I’m a northeast coast girl living in a southeast beach town. The home we moved into needed a lot of work. To save money and being good DIYers, we took on many projects ourselves. Our living room has open floor plan with columns and each has glass sconces that were a marbled orange, brown and tan and filthy to boot. But 9 new wall sconces were expensive and out of our budget. So I got to work taking the glass covers down and headed outside with paint thinner and some rags while my husband rolled his eyes. “What are you doing?” “I’m going to strip the paint off the glass sconces and then frost the glass to save us about two grand.”
    And that’s exactly what I did. And they came out spectacular. Two lessons here: never doubt the power of paint, or a woman determined to use all the money she saved on something else! Now I need to frost more things like your pretty jars!!

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