Summer Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration

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I am excited to share Summer farmhouse bedroom inspiration with you today!

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Late Summer Farmhouse Bedroom with black iron bed, a neutral color palette, and beautiful textures.

Marked by sunshine, warm air, and a carefree feeling, Summer is such a wonderful season. Soaking up Summer on the farm is the best. As it begins to wind down though, it’s hard not to think about the impending arrival of Fall. Cool crisp air, the leaves changing on the trees, and sweater weather. I can’t wait! With each seasonal change throughout the year, I love to incorporate special touches in the farmhouse. This year, I added some late Summer, early Fall touches to the farmhouse bedroom. These new decor additions make for an easy and smooth transition from one season to the next.

Inspiration Starts with a Spark

Inspiration for refreshing a room usually starts with a spark. Sometimes, that spark can be a new paint color, a new furniture layout, or something simple like a new decor piece. It’s no secret that I thoroughly enjoy refreshing rooms in the farmhouse throughout the year.

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One simple change can be the spark for a beautiful new look and feel in a room. Recently, I found a few new bedding pieces that I fell in love with. They were the spark of inspiration for my late Summer, early Fall farmhouse bedroom refresh and I couldn’t be happier with how the room turned out. I hope you like it too!  

 Summer Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration: Beautiful Bedding

Farmhouse bedroom with black iron bed frame, white, yellow, and brown floral bedding and lots of pillows.

Bedding is the perfect way to add a seasonal touch to the bedroom. In Fall and Winter, many layers with lots of texture added to the bed are a wonderful way to give the bedroom a comfy and cozy feel.  A softer color palette, florals, and lighter linens on the bed are a lovely way to make the bedroom feel light and airy for Spring and Summer. This season I combined layers, texture, and florals in the bedroom and I love the result.


The white linen ruffled duvet cover is on the bed year-round. Although it was an investment, it was worth every penny. It is the perfect neutral backdrop for adding beautiful seasonal touches to the bed without breaking the bank. Combining seasonal colors, textures, and patterns throughout the year with a couple of pillows and a blanket is not only fun and easy, but it’s also more cost-effective than buying all new bedding.  

I mentioned that I found new bedding. I’m head over heels about it! The 100% cotton quilt is light enough for Summer nights, but substantial enough for the arrival of the cooler nights in Fall. It is the perfect addition to the bedroom this time of year.  The beautiful mustard yellow and rich chocolate brown floral pattern on the quilt and shams is ideal for transitioning the bedroom from Summer to Fall. Mmm, I can almost taste the pumpkin spice latte now!


Late Summer Farmhouse Bedroom with black iron bed, a neutral color palette, and beautiful textures.

Don’t you just love how the beds look in magazines and catalogs!? Described in a word, they look, dreamy. Creating that beautiful and cozy look can be achieved by adding lots of layers to the bed. (Just when you think you have enough layers, add more!) I layered the white linen bedding with the quilt, but the layering didn’t stop with the linens. I also layered the king shams that match the quilt with white linen ruffled Euro shams and cozy textured throw pillows. The combination of pillows tied all the bedding together creating an incredibly beautiful and cozy finished look. Just like the magazines!

 Summer Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration: Simple Surroundings

With the bedding refreshed, it was time to add some finishing touches to tie the room together. Creating a complete and cohesive look is easy to do with rugs, florals or plants, mirrors, artwork, and candles.


Rug with a neutral color palette and vintage style.

I love this new rug! This Southwark area rug has vintage-inspired look and a neutral color palette. It features tan, medium gray, charcoal, black, beige, and white. The neutral tones are perfect to play off and showcase the touches of mustard yellow in the bedding. Together they make a beautiful Summer statement in the bedroom. The Southwark rug is also one of the softest rugs I’ve ever had in the farmhouse. What a treat it is to get out of bed and feel this cozy rug under my feet every morning!

Looking for a beautiful area rug for your home? I find many of the rugs for the farmhouse here. Use code: CALIGIRL60 at checkout to get 60% off any rug. Consider it a gift, from me to you.


Summer Farmhouse Bedroom Inspiration including linens, a nightstand, flowers, a lamp, a mirror and a rustic blanket ladder.

Less is more, that is my philosophy when it comes to accessories in the bedroom. Creating a calm, peaceful, and relaxing bedroom is best achieved by decluttering the space and keeping the accessories to a minimum. After all, the bedroom should be a sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

Florals and Plants

Going to sleep and waking up to the sight and smell of fresh flowers is heavenly. I always keep some on my nightstand. The beauty of Summer is that fresh flowers are abundant around the farm. Visiting the garden and picking a fresh bunch of blooms to enjoy in the farmhouse is one of the many pleasures of Summer. My favorite flower (at the moment) to have in the bedroom is Chamomile.  A small pitcher of flowers is the perfect way to add charm to the bedroom all year round.

Chamomile on the nightstand in a small pitcher next to the lamp.


For me, it’s always challenging to find artwork for a room. However, for this bedroom refresh, the artwork actually found me. While surfing the web one day, an ad caught my eye. While it’s not common for me to click on an ad, I was compelled by the artwork being shown. It drew me in.  I then discovered the already affordable pieces were on sale which made purchasing them a no-brainer. I love a good deal! The neutral florals are beautiful and can work in almost any room. I knew the moment I saw them that they were meant to be in the bedroom. I love when I’m right!


Mirrors are the perfect decor item to add to a small room. They not only make the room feel bigger, but they also add light by reflecting the natural light in the space. Needless to say, we have several mirrors throughout the farmhouse. The goldtone in this mirror accents the mustard yellow in the quilt and shams beautifully and also adds warmth to the space. I love transitioning into Fall using gold and copper decor accents. 

I hope you enjoyed the Summer farmhouse bedroom inspiration I shared. Do you have a favorite piece or styling tip from this post? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. The next refresh on the books is in our living room, stay tuned! Until then, thank you for joining me here and I hope you enjoy your day.

For more farmhouse inspiration, I hope you’ll join me on Pinterest.




  1. Alexandria says:

    In the process of redoing my girls room and love this bed. Where is if from?

    • Meeghan says:

      Hi Alexandria. The bed is by Wesley Allen Iron Furniture. You can find it at a retailer that carries their furniture line. The style name is Laredo (7040). I’m so happy you like it!

  2. […] I’m in love with this Morning Meadow pattern by Piper Classics. It’s the perfect pattern to usher in Fall on the heels of Summer. The combination of chocolate brown and mustard yellow in the delicate floral pattern in the pillows is beautiful and pairs perfectly with the cream and wood on the porch. I love this pattern so much, I even added it to our bedroom this season! […]

  3. Heather says:

    What color is the bed?

  4. Diane says:

    Any reason you decided with the black iron rather than brown shade bed? I am trying to decide for myself???

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