Refreshing Your Bathroom Made Easy

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By definition, refresh means; to give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate. (Oxford Languages)

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?! Refreshing a room in your home is a great way to upgrade and update its look. Even small changes can make a big impact when refreshing a room. Full remodels can be time-consuming, messy, overwhelming, and expensive. A room refresh is much gentler on your wallet and I think you’d be surprised at how easy it is!

In the farmhouse, we have a bathroom that is perfectly functional. It’s neutral and very basic… All fine characteristics for a bathroom. One day I would love to completely remodel this room, however, at the moment it’s not in the budget. That’s ok though because a refresh is the perfect solution!

With the help of three items from Wayfair, I was able to make a few simple, affordable, and beautiful changes to reinvigorate the bathroom. These changes added new energy to the space and made a big difference in the look and feel of it. With only a few items I was able to give the bathroom more character and update it without breaking the bank.

I imagine the anticipation is killing you, so let’s get started! Here are the three perfect items I found at Wayfair to refresh the farmhouse bathroom.

Let your light shine.

As a home decor enthusiast, I am loving the trend of mixing elements in spaces, particularly, kitchens and bathrooms. The expectation of your light fixtures, faucets, and cabinet hardware matching has been thrown out the window. In design, we are now encouraged to mix things up. I love the uniqueness and character these differences add to a space.

The bathroom had a very traditional style and all the fixtures and faucets were brushed nickel. I was excited to mix things up and I wanted to give it a more modern farmhouse look. I started by changing out the brushed nickel light fixture for a new matte black 3-light dimmable vanity light fixture with bell-shaped glass shades.

Black Matte Three Light Vanity FixtureThe beauty of this mid-century modern fixture is that it can be mounted facing up or down depending on what look fits best with the aesthetics of the space. I added Edison bulbs which give off a lovely golden glow in the bathroom.

Accessories make everything better.

Matte black ceramic 5 piece bathroom vanity set including tissue box, toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser, soap dish, and cup.

To tie in the new matte black light fixture, I added a beautiful five-piece black accessory set for the countertop and bathtub area. Included in the set are a tumbler, soap dish, toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser, and tissue cover. Perfect! Everything you need for your bathroom. Each piece in this set is crafted of quality stoneware in matte, solid-hued glaze.

I split up the set between the bathtub area and the vanity.  By splitting up the set, it allowed for matte black pieces to be sprinkled throughout the bathroom giving it a cohesive feel. This accessory set and the new vanity light were a match made in heaven!

A rug is the centerpiece of a room.

Rugs are a wonderful way to add color and texture to a room. If ever you’re feeling like a room is getting dull, consider changing out a rug. It’s incredible the difference one piece of decor, like a rug, can make in changing the look and feel of a room.

Recently, I have been replacing our small bath mats in front of the vanities with runners and I am loving the way they look. Not only is there a better selection to choose from when considering a runner for a bathroom vanity, but I think the long look of a runner makes a bathroom look larger.

I added some texture and warmth to the bathroom through the addition of a gorgeous jute and sisal runner in front of the vanity. I think it adds an extra cozy feel for the upcoming fall and winter months while at the same time adding texture to the space.

With three simple, affordable, and lovely pieces from Wayfair, I was able to update the look of our bathroom, give it more character, and still make it feel comfortable and inviting. It was an extremely easy and budget-friendly way to give our bathroom a much needed and deserved refresh.

Looking for more ways that Wayfair can help you achieve the look you’re trying to find for your home? See my post Master Bedroom Closet Re-Organization with Wayfair.

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions and reviews are entirely my own.

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