Layering White Bedding in Winter

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White bedding has long been a stylist’s secret for creating a fresh and luxurious bedroom. Layering white bedding in winter creates a cozy and inviting feeling in the bedroom which is important, especially in the colder months. 

Iron bed with layered winter white bedding on it. There is a nightstand next to the bed with white flowers in a vase, a lamp, and a candle.

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As many of you know by now, I LOVE white bedding. Truth be told, I love it all year-round. However, I especially love it in winter. Why you may ask? Thank you for asking… White bedding creates an illusion of a larger space while at the same time, it brightens up a room. Mixing different hues of white creates visual interest and adds texture to a bed which makes you want to just curl up and snuggle in it. 

White and off white textured pillows on an iron bed.

Bright and Beautiful

The use of white in design creates a clean and bright space. There are many reasons why it’s so popular in interior design. First and foremost, it reflects all light, making spaces feel bigger and brighter. In the darker months of winter, any extra light that can be captured in a room is important to help lift your spirits, feel energized and happy.

Close-up of winter white pillows on an iron bed with a white floral arrangement in the foreground.

Love Hue 

See what I did there?… White bedding doesn’t need to be all bright white. Although all white is a classic look, mixing different hues of white breaks up the monochromatic canvas while at the same time complementing it. Bone, off-white, cream, ivory, and even light gray are beautiful hues to add to bedding in the winter months. I especially love the way white bedding is the perfect contrast against our iron bed frame (Laredo) by Wesley Allen Inc. 

Layered winter white bedding.


Layers, layers, and more layers. Layering white bedding in winter creates a cozy, plush, and inviting feeling in the bedroom. Sheets, blankets, quilts, duvets, and throw blankets can all be layered on the bed to keep you warm and toasty in the colder months. I love layering with different hues, textiles, and white-on-white patterns in the bed. They not only create visual interest, but they also create texture in the space. 

Layered winter white bedding on an iron bed.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching white textiles also creates a beautiful look on the bed. Sateen or viscose bamboo sheets, a cotton weave blanket, a linen quilt, a ruffled duvet, knobby wool throw pillows, and a chunky knit throw blanket styled all together on a bed give it a cozy, laid-back, and relaxing feel. 

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