DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Gifts from the heart and made by hand are the best kind of gifts. These DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas are easy, inexpensive, and beautiful ways to show mom how much she means to you on Mother’s Day. 

A Pinterest Pin of a collage of great DIY Mother's Day gift ideas including a color block vase, mercury glass candle holders, a tiered jewelry stand and more.

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A Mother’s Love is Unlike Any Other

Whether you plan on celebrating your mom with her in person for Mother’s Day, or from across the miles, a handmade gift is always an extra special way to show mom how you love and appreciate her.

Remember in grade school when the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day were spent making mom a handmade gift? I still remember the sparkle in my mama’s eyes and the gleaming smile that came with a big hug from her when she opened my handmade gift on Mother’s Day.  It always felt so good!

As an adult, we can still make mom a heartfelt gift that will remind her how much she is loved each time she sees it or uses it. 

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Round-Up

Today, I have rounded up TEN of my favorite DIYs that are the perfect way to say, “I love you,” to mom on Mother’s Day.

DIY color block vase in the kitchen on a wood riser with a beautiful spring bouquet, a candle, and a bowl of fresh eggs styled with it on the kitchen island.

DIY Color Block Vase

It honestly doesn’t get much easier than this DIY color block vase. (You should see how much vases that look just like this one cost in some stores… They can be outrageously expensive!) This one cost less than $25. I’m not kidding!

Photo collage of two photos showing how to tape and spray paint a glass vase. Use a paper bag to cover the part of the vase you don't want painted.

Making a color block vase is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you need are three things: a glass vase, painter’s tape, and spray paint. That’s it! This vase makes a beautiful statement piece in any home and your mom will love it. Choose a paint color that matches her decor, fill it with fresh flowers, and watch her eyes light up when you give it to her on Mother’s Day.

It’s such a quick and easy DIY. You might as well make one for yourself too!

DIY tiered tray jewelry stand on the nightstand next to a lamp with a vase of roses.

Tiered Tray Jewelry Stand

Making a DIY tiered tray jewelry stand is easier than you think! With just a few pieces from the Dollar Tree, thrift store, or unused pieces that can be found in your own home, you can make one too. It’s a beautiful, easy, and wonderfully accessible way for your mom to store your jewelry at home. She will think of you every day as she gets ready and ends her day by putting on and taking off her jewelry.

Glue being applied to top rim of the candlestick so the second dish can be placed on it.

Or, she could use it as a tiered tray to serve candies and sweet treats in the kitchen. The functionality of this piece is endless and it will always be a thoughtful reminder of you when your mom uses it. Give it to her as a gift for Mother’s Day with a personalized necklace, a lovely pair of earrings, a special bracelet, or a new pair of sunglasses. She is sure to love it!

DIY mercury glass candle holders on the coffee table in front of the couch with some flowers.

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

DIY mercury glass candle holders are easy and inexpensive to make! They are also incredibly beautiful additions to any home decor and can be used all year round. This DIY is a great way to upcycle glass jars. I love an easy, inexpensive, and beautiful DIY and I think your mom will too!

Spraying the inside of a glass candle holder with silver spray paint.

Mercury glass will add a timeless and beautiful shine and reflection to your mother’s home. Even without candles lit inside them, they are very pretty. However, when candles are lit inside, they are truly gorgeous! The warm glow that candles give off in mercury glass adds a cozy and inviting feel to any space. They also look gorgeous in a tablescape. Make a few mercury glass candle holders for your mom in varying sizes to use throughout her home. Each time she sees them or lights them, she will certainly think of you. 

DIY concrete heart planter with a variety of faux succulents arranged in it.

Concrete Heart Planter

This DIY concrete heart planter is a LOVE-ly addition to your mother’s home decor and the perfect way to say, “I love you.” Before giving it to your mom, fill it with a little fresh or faux succulent or floral arrangement, add some heart filler inside, or put a candle in it.

Pressing a smaller heart bowl into the concrete in the larger heart bowl.

It’s a sweet decor piece to display inside her home or outside on her patio. Either way, she can display it all year long and think of you. You’re going to LOVE making this fun, easy, beautiful, and inexpensive home decor DIY for your mom.

Homemade lavender bath salts in jars with lavender in the foreground.

Homemade Bath Salts

If anyone deserves to relax, it’s our mamas! Homemade bath salts are the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day and they are so easy to make! The fragrance in bath salts comes from essential oils, so you can customize it for your mom. What scent does she love? Lavender is calming and relaxing, but rose-scented bath salts are also lovely. Don’t forget to add some dried rose petals. You can also make vanilla, honeysuckle, or jasmine bath salts and that’s just to name a few others.

a hand spooning peppermint bath salts into a glass jar.

As a mom, I love a good gift basket. Including homemade bath salts in a special basket with some of your mom’s favorite relaxation goodies is always a great idea. This makes an extra special gift for mom because it’s made and assembled by you, just for her. A Mother’s Day relaxation gift basket can include a good book, a candle, some of her favorite tea, a mug, moisturizer, a natural sponge or extra soft washcloth, an eye mask, and an aromatic natural soap. She will love you for this one, trust me.

DIY wood farmhouse tray on the kitchen island with a floral arrangement, plant, and candle.

DIY Wood Farmhouse Tray

It’s no secret that trays are one of my favorite home decor essentials. I love styling trays year-round throughout the farmhouse, especially during the holiday season. Whether they are used for serving food and drinks or styled on a coffee table or kitchen island, trays are the perfect example of beautiful AND functional decor.

Gluing on the decorative frame to the DIY wood tray.

Try your hand at making a DIY wood farmhouse tray for your mama this Mother’s Day. She will love you forever. (Just kidding, she’s your mama, she’ll love you forever regardless of a tray!) Seriously though, a tray is a wonderful gift idea. Along with the tray, you can include some items for her to use when styling it including a vase (maybe one of the DIY ones I’ve shared here), a candle, and a seasonal figurine. They are always my tray styling “go-to’s.”

DIY gold leaf vase styled with Spring flowers on a tray with a bunny figurine, books, and candles.

Gold Leaf Vase

Making a DIY gold leaf vase is the perfect way to turn an ordinary unused, thrifted, or Dollar Store glass vase into an extraordinary one.  Add beauty and shine to any glass vase or bottle with this quick, easy, and inexpensive project. You can also make gold leaf candle holders.

Brushing off the access gold leaf on the vase with a dry paintbrush.

Give your mom the gift of a fresh flower bouquet in a beautiful vase that is handmade by you. She will love the sweet sentiment behind the gift and everyone loves fresh flowers! 

DIY wood riser styled with flowers in a crock and candles.

Wood Riser

Looking for a great way to repurpose wood scraps that are lying around from leftover past projects? This DIY wood riser is the perfect quick, easy, and useful project to help use up that extra wood. It will definitely put a smile on your mom’s face on Mother’s Day when you give it to her as a gift.

Clamp holding top and feet of riser while glue dries.

There are so many ways to use a wood riser in the home:

  • It can be a raised platform for displaying beautifully styled vignettes that include a pitcher full of seasonal flowers, a candle, and a bowl of fruit on the kitchen island or the coffee table.
  • A wood riser can also be a lovely way to display cookbooks on the kitchen counter.
  • It is also great for giving potted plants a lift on a table or a shelf.
  • Wood risers are great decor pieces, but they can also be functional pieces in the kitchen. They make the perfect charcuterie board when serving meats, cheese, olives, nuts, and fruit. 

However your mom chooses to use the DIY wood riser you make her for Mother’s Day, I can promise she will cherish the love and work you put into it forever.

DIY Concrete Bowls

With summer just around the corner, most moms have outdoor living on their minds. I think it’s safe to say we are all looking forward to the lazy days of summer. That’s why DIY concrete bowls make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. They are not only beautiful, but they are also incredibly durable, especially for use outdoors.

They can be used as planters for green plants, vessels for flower arrangements, or they can even be used as candle holders. The options and uses for these bowls are endless. Whatever your mama does with her concrete bowls though, just make sure she doesn’t serve food or eat out of them. She’s going to love decorating her outdoor living spaces with the marvelous concrete bowls you make for her!

Frosted glass heart candle holders with candles lit in them styled with red, white, and pink books and a small vase with flowers.

Frosted Glass Heart Candle Holders

I first discovered the magic of frosted glass spray paint earlier this year when I made beautiful frosted glass bottle winter decor using the many wine and champagne bottles that we had leftover from the holidays. Little did I know at the time that it was going to be the start of an obsession. These sweet frosted glass heart candle holders are a beautiful way to show your mom how much she is loved.

Getting ready to spray glass hurricane with frosted glass spray paint.

You can even include one of these in the relaxation gift basket you make for her with the homemade bath salts! Don’t limit your gift to just “heart” candle holders either.  If your mom loves flowers, you can use a flower sticker instead of a heart, or a leaf or scroll design. Customize the candle holders to something your mom will love and that goes with her home decor style. These candleholders are super quick and easy to make and when a candle is lit inside them, they are stunning. Your mom will love this extra-special DIY gift idea. 

Gifts From the Heart

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of my TEN favorite DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas. Remember, if I can make these DIYs, anyone can!

These handmade gifts truly come from the heart and will warm the hearts of all the special ladies in your life who receive them. Enjoy celebrating them all!

For more farmhouse inspiration, easy, inexpensive, and beautiful DIYs, home decor styling tips and sources, as well as delicious recipes, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram. I look forward to sharing with you there too! 

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A Pinterest Pin of a collage of great DIY Mother's Day gift ideas including a color block vase, mercury glass candle holders, a tiered jewelry stand and more.


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