Decorating for Fall in the Kitchen


This year, I am decorating for Fall in the kitchen with traditional Autumn colors. The vibrant Autumnal colors combined with the warm tones of copper and brass and the glow from candles are a perfect way to celebrate the season. 

Kitchen hood with Fall garland on it. Candles and copper on and around the stove.

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Time to Decorate for Fall in the Kitchen

Finally, it’s starting to feel like Fall here on the farm! Bring on the sweater weather, cozy blankets, and comfort food.  It’s no secret that this is my favorite time of the year. Although I spend a lot of time in the kitchen all year long, I feel like I’m in the kitchen full-time in the Fall. I don’t mind though, because the kitchen is my, “happy place.” 

Clock, pumpkins, candle and leaves making a vignette on the kitchen counter in a corner.

The farmhouse kitchen gets a lot of action and a lot of traffic each and every day. As a family, we spend many hours cooking and baking. At the end of every day, we also gather around the table to eat together. With all this time spent in the heart of our home, I love to add seasonal touches to the kitchen. They are an inviting and festive way to celebrate in the farmhouse.

Decorating for Fall in the Kitchen: Where to Decorate and What to Use

When I decorate for Fall in the kitchen, I like to add simple and meaningful touches of the season. Simplicity is key for me when it comes to decor in the kitchen. Overdoing seasonal decor, especially in the kitchen can make it feel cluttered. Oftentimes, the kitchen already has items on the counter that remain there throughout the year. These items include canisters, fruit baskets, cooking utensils, and small appliances. Adding more to the countertops in the form of seasonal decor can make the kitchen feel cluttered and less functional. Therefore, I typically don’t add much by way of seasonal decor to the countertops. That being said though, the kitchen island is a focal point in our kitchen which makes it fair game when it comes to decorating for the seasons.

Fall is the perfect time to use warm metals in the kitchen. This is the time of year I bring out all my copper and brass in the kitchen including pots and pans, cooking utensils, pitchers, candlesticks, and more. I also love to light candles, use fairy lights, and sprinkle elements of nature in my Fall decor. These natural and cozy additions create a warm and inviting feel to the farmhouse as the weather begins to cool.

The Kitchen Island

Kitchen island with a cutting board on it styled with a fall floral arrangement, a bowl of pears, and a candle. In the background is the range an on the hood is a vibrant fall colored garland.

Typically, I style a tray or a riser on the kitchen island with seasonal touches.  I use a tray or riser is because of their mobility. Creating a beautiful vignette with seasonal florals in a copper pitcher or a vase, with a seasonal candle, and a bowl of seasonal fruit is always a lovely way to celebrate Fall in the kitchen.  When they are styled on a tray or riser, they can be moved easily when it’s time to prepare food and cook. 

The Range and Hood 

Kitchen hood with Fall garland on it. Candles and copper on and around the stove.

It is unusual to enter into our farmhouse kitchen and not see a candle (or two) burning. I love the warm glow of candles, especially in Fall and Winter. Candlelight creates an incredibly warm and inviting ambiance that is perfect, especially in the kitchen. I always have a candle burning on the stovetop when it’s not in use. If you don’t have a flat surface to put a candle on your stovetop, consider using a cutting board. Mini cast iron enamel pots make the cutest vessels for holding candles in the kitchen. They’re fun to serve food in too!

Up close view of Fall garland on the hood above the range in the kitchen.

The range hood is also a wonderful piece in the kitchen to decorate. It’s usually a focal point in many kitchens which makes it a perfect place to add a seasonal touch. I love hanging garland from the kitchen hood in the farmhouse. Depending on the design of the hood, a seasonal wreath can look spectacular too. Not only does decorating the kitchen hood look beautiful, but it’s a great way to add Fall decor without it getting in the way of the functionality of the kitchen. 


Often overlooked, windows look beautiful decorated for the seasons. I’ve become known for my love for hanging wreaths in the windows here at the farmhouse. This season, the Fall wreaths sold out so fast! I was able to snag one that complimented the Fall garland on the range hood, but I originally wanted two wreaths. Only having one didn’t stop me from hanging a seasonal wreath in the kitchen window though.

Pumpkins in the farmhouse sink with a Fall wreath in the window.

Using the same style of garland that I used to decorate the range hood and an old grapevine wreath I created my own Fall wreath. I deconstructed the garland and used the leaf stems to create an asymmetrical wreath for the kitchen window. I love how it turned out! 

Don’t Forget to Decorate the Dining Area

With simple and meaningful touches in the kitchen for Fall, don’t forget to decorate the dining area too. I continued with the vibrant Autumnal color scheme from the kitchen and carried it into the farmhouse breakfast nook. 

Kitchnette with a riser on it decorated with Fall mums, cookies, pumpkins, and candy corn. In the background is a Fall wreath on the barn door.

As with the kitchen island, I typically add a seasonal centerpiece to the table. Again, I use a tray or a riser so that it can be moved easily when it’s time to gather around the table to eat. I like to include seasonal florals, a candle, and some treats. Sometimes the treats include a small plate of cookies to grab and go throughout the day or some type of seasonal candy. There’s nothing better than to come into the kitchen, walk by the table, and grab a sweet treat. It creates an incredibly warm and inviting feeling as you enter our home and it’s a wonderful way to make people feel welcome. 

Fall vignette on the kitchen table with mums, pumpkins, cookies, and candy corn.

On the barn door behind the table, I added the one wreath I was able to get that matched the garland on the range hood. The backdrop of the wood barn door really makes the vibrant Fall colors of the wreath pop. 

Fall wreath on the barn door.

Enjoy the Season

Now that the kitchen and breakfast nook are decorated for Fall, it’s time to get cooking! The intentional touches for the season on the island, the range and hood, and the window are the perfect festive touches to celebrate the season. While at the same time, the Fall decor still allows the kitchen to be functional without feeling cluttered. 

Clock, pumpkins, candle and leaves making a vignette on the kitchen counter in a corner.

I hope you enjoyed some of my tips and ideas for decorating for Fall in the kitchen. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments. How are you decorating for Fall in your home? If you are looking for more Fall home decor inspiration, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram. You may also enjoy checking out these posts:

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Pinterest Pin for the post. The photo is of the range with copper touches and a candle burning. On the hood is a Fall leaf garland.


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    I absolutely love the brick backsplash in your kitchen. Is it a veneer and would you share the brand/name?

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