Decorating with Copper Accents in Fall

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Just because there’s tarnish on the copper, doesn’t mean there’s not a shine beneath. -Laurence Yep

Decorating with copper accents is one of my favorite ways to celebrate Fall in the farmhouse. The warmth and shine of copper are perfect for the season.  The orange/brown tone of this metal and the patina of copper is a beautiful way to compliment the rich and vibrant colors that define Fall. Copper pairs beautifully with all things Fall: pumpkins, leaves, and cozy vibes. As the temperature drops outside, copper accents in decor add warmth to the inside. 

Today I am sharing with you how I use copper pieces throughout the farmhouse in my Fall decor. 

Decorating with copper in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where family gathers and wonderful aromas are abundant. It’s also an ideal place to add copper accents for Fall. Thankfully, using copper in the kitchen is quite easy. Not only does it make for beautiful decor, but in the kitchen, copper is also very functional.

You can find just about anything made for the kitchen with this incredible metal: pots, pans, measuring cups, colanders, and bowls, just to name a few. Finding copper pieces to add to the kitchen in Fall is not a challenge. The challenge is picking a choosing only a few pieces to use because it’s all so beautiful!

Let’s be honest. It’s no secret that copper pots and pans are expensive! As much as I would love the real thing, it’s just not in the cards. However, that does not mean that I have to be without one in my life. One of my favorite pots is a (faux) copper pot that is very affordable and cooks beautifully. This pot sits out on my stove daily throughout the Fall while waiting to be used. When it’s not being used, it looks beautiful on display… I love functional decor! 

A copper pitcher on a riser with a fall floral arrangement in it, surrounded by pumpkins. In the background is a copper pot on the stove and and copper utensils hanging above it.

It’s fun to get creative and decorate with copper.

Along with my copper pot in the kitchen, I have a beautiful vintage copper pitcher that I love to use on the island for flower arrangements. Though the arrangement may change from week to week, the treasured pitcher remains a constant copper piece on display. It makes a lovely statement in the kitchen on a riser with some squashes and pumpkins, candles, and a bowl of seasonal fruit. I’m always amazed at how beautiful any kind of flower looks when paired with copper!

Finally, one of my biggest copper splurges for the kitchen is my ever-popular French enamel kitchen utensil holder above my stove. The copper and brass utensils that hang off the white enamel holder are a match made in heaven and pair perfectly with the brick backsplash. I found this set on Etsy. The shop is located in France. I negotiated like crazy with the owner because shipping it was almost the same price as the pieces. Thankfully, she had mercy on me because she knew how much I loved them and she gave me a great deal. To this day, my husband still doesn’t know what it cost and I’ll go to my grave with that secret. (Shhh!)

Copper on the table.

A Fall tablescape with a pumpkin centerpiece, candles and white dishes.

Although I am still on the hunt for vintage copper candlesticks, I do love to use my Moscow Mule copper mugs on the table in the Fall. They add the perfect amount of warmth paired with the rustic wood chargers, the cozy linen napkins, and the bright clean look of white porcelain dishes. A centerpiece of pumpkins, eucalyptus, and squash help create a table setting that is warm, inviting, casual, and festive for the season. 

A copper mug on a table decorated for fall with pumpkins and candles.

Though I don’t have any (yet), each year when Fall rolls around, I contemplate getting copper flatware. It is another way of adding a touch of the beautiful orange/brown metal to a table setting. One year, I may need to finally pull the trigger and get some. Until then, I am happy using my copper mugs and being on the lookout for unique copper pieces to add to my collection. Maybe a vintage set of salt and pepper shakers!?

When decorating with copper, don’t rule out the bedroom.

The bedroom is a place I bet you never thought about decorating with copper. Although it’s difficult to find ways to add copper to a bedroom, I did it this year because I was inspired by a copper colored knit throw I found. My wheels began spinning. The next thing I knew, I had styled the bedroom with a copper Fall theme. Along with the throw, I added another vintage copper pitcher arranged with Fall leaves in it and some vintage clay bottles on the nightstands. Copper colored throw pillows on the bed tied it all together and voila! Our guest bedroom had been transformed into a cozy Fall sanctuary. 

Bedroom with black iron bed frame, a copper colored knit throw blanket on the bed with matching pillows. A copper vase n the bedside table with Fall leaves in it.

Warm-up your shelves with copper.

With the arrival of each new season, I always find it fun to restyle the shelves in the farmhouse. I enjoy finding ways to add seasonal touches, especially in Fall. Small pumpkins, fall foliage or flowers, Fall scented candles, and of course copper pieces are all wonderful ways fall-ify shelves. 

Two shelves styled with wood ceramic pieces, wood, and copper accents.

I typically add my seasonal touches to what is already on the shelves. I may take away a piece or two, just to prevent over-crowding, but for the most part, in Fall, I just add a few copper pieces. It’s amazing what a difference it makes!

A little goes a long way when you decorate with copper.

What I love about decorating with copper accents in home decor, especially during Fall is that you don’t need many pieces to make a beautiful statement. Just a few well-thought-out pieces or special treasures is all you need to add beauty, warmth, and shine to a space making it a special way to celebrate the season. 

Once Fall is over, I will pack up most of my lovely copper collection and put it away until next year. Having a small but meaningful collection makes it a treat to take out each season. Having a small collection also makes it easy to store until the next time I’m ready to display it.  

Always be on the look-out.

My collection of copper has grown over many years. It’s been a slow process mostly because the pieces I have in the farmhouse are pieces I’ve stumbled upon and wasn’t necessarily looking for. Much of my copper collection was curated at vintage markets and shops. They are pieces that caught my eye, drew me in, and I just had to take home with me. 

My best advice when it comes to collecting… Enjoy the process, don’t rush it. When you are out and about, keep your eyes peeled for special pieces, in this case, copper pieces. Treat it like a treasure hunt! Only take home pieces that really speak to you and that you know you have a spot for. Come next Fall, when it’s time to decorate for the season, it will be fun to take out all your copper, see how your collection has grown, and place piece in the perfect spot in your home.

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Pinterest Pin of a fall tablescape with copper cups, pumpkins, and candles.


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