Neutral Holiday Tablescape

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A neutral holiday tablescape featuring gold, silver, white, and wood is an easy and elegant way to celebrate this season. 

Tablescape for the holidays that is designed with neutral tones of gold, silver, white and wood. Find all the details, styling tips, and sources on the blog.

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There is so Much to Love About a Neutral Tablescape This Holiday Season

As I transition through the holiday season, I love embracing a neutral color palette. There is something about the shimmer and glow of silver and gold during the holidays. It can be so simple and yet so elegant all at the same time. Add in candlelight and twinkling fairy lights and the ambiance is beyond warm and inviting. 

Inviting family and friends to gather around the table for a delicious meal, good conversation, and lots of laughs is special all throughout the year. However, during the holiday season, these gatherings are extra special. Creating a warm, welcoming, and comfortable space to gather in the farmhouse is one of my things to do. 

The beauty of a neutral table setting is that you can add in color whenever the spirit moves you. Colorful florals, napkins, candles, plates, and other different elements can completely change the look and feel of a neutral palette, especially when it comes to home decor. 

A neutral holiday tablescape with taper candles burning in brass candlesticks, white roses in mercury glass bud vases on each place setting, and reclaimed wood houses in the center of the table.

How to Set a Beautiful Neutral Holiday Tablescape

Start in the Center

When setting the table, I always start in the center. Creating my centerpiece, which is the focal point of the table allows me to arrange the rest of the table around it. It’s important to make sure the spacing of individual place settings isn’t overcrowded. Guests around the table should feel cozy, but not cramped. By starting in the center with the centerpiece you can make sure the spacing around the perimeter of the table is ample. 

Neutral holiday tablescape with a centerpiece made from reclaimed wood houses, white dishes, and brass candlesticks.


First, decide on the table linen. Will you use a tablecloth or a runner? I love using both depending on the occasion. In this tablescape, I used a white linen, ruffled runner. I love how the ruffles peek out from the centerpiece.


On top of the runner, I placed a riser. The exact riser I used is no longer available. This one is similar and I love that you get three sizes or, you can make your own riser. They can be used throughout the whole year. A riser provides a little height to the centerpiece, ensuring that it’s the table’s focal point. However, it’s important to make sure that the centerpiece is not too tall. Guests should be able to see other guests from across the table. 

Centerpiece with reclaimed wood houses on a riser. Around the houses is garland made of small glass mercury ornaments.

Next, I arranged sweet little reclaimed wood houses on the riser. They remind me of simple gingerbread houses. The rustic feel of the houses plays off the simple elegance of the tablescape beautifully. 

Oftentimes, I design a floral arrangement for the centerpiece of my tablescapes. However, it’s also fun to switch things up sometimes, especially during the holidays. Cornucopias, gingerbread houses, and tabletop Christmas trees are just a few fun examples of centerpieces to use during the holiday season.

The centerpiece of a table is not only beautiful to look at, but it also sets the theme and mood for the table. Get creative, have fun, and don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to it!


With the houses set, I then add the candlesticks. No tablescape is complete without candlelight (in my opinion). The brass candlesticks are arranged at each end of the riser. Three are on each side. Taper candles are my favorite to use in a tablescape because they are thin and help keep an open feel to the table. Remember, guests should feel like they can see from one side of the table to the other. This allows for a feeling of conversation to easily flow without visual obstructions in the way.  I love varying the height of candles on the table too. The varying height adds interest to the table setting.

Neutral holiday tablescape with a centerpiece made from reclaimed wood houses, white dishes, and brass candlesticks.


Finally, I weaved garland made with twine and mercury glass ornaments through the centerpiece with some fairy lights. The mercury glass catches the natural light, the candlelight, and the light from the fairy lights. Together they create beautiful shimmer and shine to the table.

Work From the Inside-Out

Now that the centerpiece is complete, it’s time to set the place settings around the table. I love layering plates. First, start with the chargers. Next, set the dinner plate on top of the charger plate. Then, place the salad plate on top of the dinner plate. If bowls are needed for the meal, they will go on top of the salad plate. Typically, I place the napkin in a ring on the salad plate. Napkins are great for adding texture and color to a tablescape. However, this time I used small mercury glass bud vases with a white rose in each one to top off each place setting. These little vases are a beautiful addition to the table and a thoughtful way to thank guests for joining you. I invite them to take them home.

A neutral holiday place setting with white and silver chargers, white plates and a small mercury glass bud vase with a white rose on the center of the salad plate.

Next, comes silverware and glassware. They are functional additions to the table and add shimmer and shine too.

Tablescape for the holidays that is designed with neutral tones of gold, silver, white and wood. Find all the details, styling tips, and sources on the blog.

Surrounding Special Touches

Don’t forget to tie in the theme and color palette of the tablescape to the surrounding dining space. I added more mercury glass ornament garland to the cutting boards on the wall. I also added gold bells to the magnolia wreath on the barn door. 

Enjoy Your Neutral Holiday Tablescape

What I love about this neutral holiday tablescape is that it can be used right after Halloween all the way through the new year. The neutral color palette allows for endless different variations. Color can be added at any time. For instance, add some red florals and taper candles with plaid napkins at Christmastime or evergreen bows, striped napkins, and green tapers in the winter. With a neutral tablescape theme, the enhancement options are endless!

The most important thing is enjoying the company that gathers around the gorgeous table you designed. I hope the design tips and sources of this neutral holiday tablescape inspire you to create your own. Cheers!

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Pinterest Pin for a neutral holiday tablescape featuring gold, silver, white and wood.

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