How to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

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I’m excited to share my most recent chat with Wayfair and bring you some tips, trends, and inspiration for how to freshen up your bathroom.

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By definition, refresh means; to give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate. (Oxford Languages) Doesn’t it sound wonderful?! Refreshing a room in your home is a great way to upgrade and update its look. Oftentimes, even small changes can make a big impact when refreshing a room. Full remodels can be time-consuming, messy, overwhelming, and expensive. A room refresh is much gentler on your wallet and I think you’d be surprised at how easy it is! Small rooms like a bathroom are a great place to start when considering a refresh in your home.

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Wayfair Q & A:

How to Freshen Up Your Bathroom 

Wayfair: What are the top 3 pieces that you like to update seasonally in your bathroom?

Meeghan: Towels, a rug, and a plant (or flowers) are three great ways to update a bathroom seasonally. Towels and rugs are great for adding pops of color and texture throughout the different seasons. Plants and/or flowers are also a wonderful way to celebrate the seasons in the bathroom while at the same time adding life to what can be a somewhat sterile room in the home.

Wayfair: Are there any must-have decor pieces that you incorporate on your countertops in order to make it feel calm?

Meeghan: My must-have decor pieces on my countertops in order to make it feel calm are a candle and a plant. Candles add an inviting feel and warmth to a space. If they are scented I also love them to highlight the season we are in. While plants not only purify the air, they are also a beautiful way to add life, color, and a calming feel to any space.

Wayfair: Moving on to design aesthetics, what finishes and patterns do you like to add to your bath space?

Meeghan: I love using tile and stone in bathroom design. In my opinion, a bathroom should feel light, airy, calm, and serene, like a sanctuary. My style gravitates toward a more neutral palette with soft pops of color. I’ve recently fallen in love with wallpaper. Wallpaper has come such a long way in terms of ease of installment (and removal) as well as the beautiful options that are now available. I’m also a huge fan of penny tile and herringbone tile patterns in the bathroom. For double sink vanities, I love using a runner as a rug rather than two bath mats. For me personally, a claw-foot bathtub is a necessity. I love the old world feel of a claw-foot tub mixed with the modern style of today’s bathroom finishes. 

Wayfair: What type of light fixtures do you prefer in your bathroom?

Meeghan: Bathroom light fixture selection has improved so much throughout the years. There are so many beautiful options now! I personally love sconces and have them in my bathroom. However, I think traditional vanity lighting in the bathroom is also a great choice. It all depends on the size, layout, and style of mirrors that are in the bathroom.

My Product Picks to Freshen Up Your Bathroom 

These are just a few of my latest favorite pieces to freshen up a bathroom. For more beautiful and easy ideas to refresh a bathroom, you may want to check out my post: Refreshing Your Bathroom Made Easy.   

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Bathroom Refresh Inspiration

I gravitate toward the combination of natural elements (such as stone), wood, and white in the bathroom. Not only are natural elements calming, but wood and white create a timeless look. Adding soothing pops of color through accent pieces such as rugs, towels, paint and/or wallpaper are always good design ideas too. Texture can be added to the bathroom through baskets and different finishes throughout the space. Remember it’s okay to mix and match metals, woods, and stone. The bathroom should be a place that is serene and provides a sense of relaxation. Adding plants is also a great way to give the room some life.

With the help of Wayfair, you can make a few simple, affordable, and beautiful changes to refresh the bathroom. These changes can add new energy to a space and make a big difference in the look and feel of it. With only a few items you can give the bathroom more character and update it without breaking the bank.

Image Credit: Wayfair

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Serene bathtub view with a plant in the window behind the tub and baskets next to the tub with plush towels in them.

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