Christmas Decor in the Bedroom

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I’m so excited to share the Christmas decor in our bedroom with you today. Soft and timeless linen, holiday greenery, pops of red, and cozy textures adorn the bedroom this holiday season. These elements make it a relaxing, inviting, peaceful, and festive refuge during a fun, but often hectic holiday season. 

Iron bed with white linen bedding and red pillows. On the footboard it green garland and there is a wreath on the wall mirror over a nightstand.

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To Decorate or Not to Decorate in the Bedroom 

I realize not everyone decorates their bedroom for Christmas. As a matter of fact, I was once one of those people (you know, pre-social media days).  Then with the emergence of social media, I began to see images of festive and beautiful Christmas bedrooms pop up all over my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. “People decorate their bedrooms?!” I thought to myself. It was then that I started to warm up to the idea. I thought to myself, “Sure, why not!?” Maybe this post will have you consider doing it too, if you’ve never done it before.

The first year I decorated our master bedroom for Christmas, it wasn’t the last. As a matter of fact, since the first time, I have decorated our master bedroom every single year. Some years I add more Christmas decor in the bedroom than others, but I always decorate it. This year is no different.

Christmas Decor in the Bedroom Starts With a Spark of Inspiration

The inspiration for the Christmas touches in our bedroom this year was sparked by new gorgeous white linen bedding. The minute I took it out of the box from Piper Classics, it reminded me of a blanket of snow. It was so pristine and so soft. There is just something about linen! If you have never had the luxury of laying on linen bedding, I encourage you to try it. My favorite thing about linen is that not only is it soft and beautiful, it’s also timeless. It can be used year-round, year after year on the bed.

Front view of the bed with the linens layered.

The linen duvet, ruffle pillow shams, and bed skirt all go perfectly together.  I chose white linen bedding so that throughout the year I can add pops of seasonal color. Designing with a neutral foundation and then adding color as the spirit or seasons move me is my favorite way to decorate.

Layers, Upon Layers, Upon Layers

When it comes to making our bed in winter, it’s all about layers. Not only do the layers add warmth to the bed, but they also add texture to the room. The first layer on the bed is the sheets, of course. Next, I add a light woven blanket or quilt. Then, I place a duvet over top the blanket. Finally, a throw is always handy to have on the bed for those especially cold nights. I often reach down to the foot of our bed in the middle of the night to pull up a throw blanket for an extra layer.

Layers of linens and pillows on the bed.

The layers on the bed don’t end with the bedding though. I also layer the pillows. I start with the linen ruffled euro shams up against the headboard. In front of them, I add the king-size linen shams. Lastly, I place the seasonal throw pillows which can range in number from five to two. For Christmas this year, I added a couple of red velvet pillows and a matching red snowflake lumbar pillow. It’s always fun to bring out the Christmas throw pillows this time of year.

Can you ever have too many pillows on the bed? If you ask me, the answer is, “No.”

White ruffle euro shams with textured cream pillows, red velvet pillows and a red snowflake pillow at the head of the bed.

More Christmas Decor in the Bedroom

With the bed decked out for the holiday, it was time to add more Christmas touches to the bedroom. I wanted the touches to be simple and meaningful. Throughout the farmhouse this year I added small touches of red and I wanted to carry that into our bedroom too.

This snow-kissed Christmas garland has been a favorite for years. Christmas garland has come and gone throughout the years in the farmhouse, but this one continues to make the “keeper pile,” year after year. Using zip ties, I attached it to the footboard of our bed.

Green garland with snowy tips attached to the foot of the iron bed.

The garland has a matching wreath which I hung from the mirror above my nightstand and I attached a red ribbon bow to it.  

The opposite side of the bed with a mirror on the wall and wreath hanging from it with a red ribbon. In the corner is a blanket ladder with a cozy knit blanket on it.

On the opposite nightstand, I placed a fresh red poinsettia in a vintage crock. Above the mirror over the dresser, I added another evergreen garland and a red ribbon bow to tie in with the small touches of red throughout the rest of the room. 

Voila! What do think about the simple and intentional Christmas decor in the bedroom? I hope you like it as much as I do. Have I convinced you to decorate your bedroom this Christmas or maybe next year? I hope so! It was so much fun sharing our Christmas bedroom with you. 

If you are looking for more Christmas and farmhouse inspiration, be sure to join me on Pinterest and Instagram. It was a pleasure hanging out with you today. Until next time, enjoy your holiday season!

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  1. Alfena Anderson says:

    I am very interested in this blac iron bed. Where can I buy one like it?

    • Meeghan says:

      I’m so happy you like the bed, Alfena! It’s made by Wesley Allen Inc. The name of the frame is the Laredo. You can order it at any home furniture store that carries the Wesley Allen Inc brand.

  2. Alby Jo Furlong says:

    Is the Christmas Garland you used on the bed frame, available anywhere?
    Thank you,
    Alby Jo

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