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“I can smell Autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves.” -Unknown 

We are days away from my favorite season on the farm, Fall. The weather in the south is finally cooling off. The excitement that comes from the seasonal change on the farm is palpable. It’s not only felt by humans, but by the animals too. Fall is right around the corner and I’m so excited about decorating for a new season here at the farmhouse. I mean, who doesn’t love pumpkins and mums?!

Today I am sharing with you how I’ve started to decorate for Fall in our outdoor living spaces on the farm. I’ve also joined an incredible group of talented bloggers who are sharing the way they are decorating for Fall in their homes too. All of their posts will be linked at the end of mine. Be sure to go check out the beautiful Fall inspiration they have to share!

Fall centerpiece on the back patio with a crock filled with Fall flowers, pumpkins, and a vintage glass lantern glowing.

Where to begin decorating for Fall? 

As with most seasonal changes, I begin to decorate outside on our porches and patio. We spend so much time outside every day on the farm, especially in Spring and Fall. After months of sweltering in the Southern heat and humidity, Fall is a welcome relief.  The sweet relief of cool, crisp air and low humidity is a cherished gift that all southerners welcome with open arms. Bring on the warm beverages, the cozy blankets and sweaters, and fires in the firepits and fireplaces!

Celebrating Fall in the backyard.

There are two places I love most to spend time relaxing outside in the Fall on the farm (aside from the animal pen). One is our hammock in the back and the other is the porch swing in the front. What I love most about the hammock area is that you can see the garden, the animal pen, the horse arena, and the woods from it. You are never lacking for visual interest when you lay and relax on the hammock. 

Time spent outside is never wasted, especially in Fall.

I often go out to the hammock with a book, magazines, or my phone in hand with the intention of catching up or resting. Whether it’s catching up on reading, finding new recipes, or returning emails, I marvel at how often I am distracted when I’m out there. If it’s not a visiting cat, horses saying hello at the gate, or curious ducks trying to update me with the latest news on the farm- it’s something else. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it though! Sure a nap in this spot would be lovely, but the likelihood of it actually happening is quite low. 

The low nap factor doesn’t stop me from trying to make it a place that feels cozy and relaxing outside. The white linen duvet cover on the hammock makes the perfect natural and soft landing spot. The ruffles add some whimsy which I love too. I added some coziness and texture to the space with macrame pillows and a chunky knit throw to snuggle up in. In the morning, those cool crisp Fall breezes can be chilly. I hung beautiful ceramic lattice lanterns for the evenings. When the candles are lit, it looks like there are fireflies inside.  A beautiful neutral Fall floral arrangement on the galvanized tray table and some mums and pumpkins are the perfect additions to celebrate the pumpkin and spice season in this space. 

A cozy hammock set up for Fall with a ruffled white linen cover, a Fall floral arrangement on a metal table next to it and pumpkins and mums for decoration around it.

Relaxing at home is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I also love setting up a relaxing space in the backyard to hang out and visit with family and friends. Spending time under the gazebo when the weather is cooler is such a treat. The teak outdoor seating set has weathered beautifully here on the farm. The white cushions allow for me to use pops of color throughout the seasons. In Fall I love using muted shades of orange, sage green, beige, and cream. I do this inside and outside the farmhouse through the use of rugs, pillows, blankets, and florals. Not only do they add color to this space, but they also create a warm and inviting feel. I made the centerpiece for the coffee table using flowers and pumpkins from Trader Joe’s and my vintage glass oil lamp.

An outdoor seating arrangement under the gazebo decorated for fall with florals, pumpkins, mums, pillows and cozy blankets with a horse in the background.

This seating area under the gazebo is the perfect place to have a cup of coffee in the morning as I watch the farm come to life. Spending time here in the evening though the best. There is nothing like a glass of wine, some music, and great company in the evenings here on the farm.

A collage of two photos. One with a cozy chair and pumpkins on the floor. The other photo has a black cat sitting on the table next to a Fall floral arrangement.

Life is better on the porch.

Ahhh, porch life! There is nothing better than Fall on the front porch. The wonderfully cool air, the gentle breezes, and the gorgeous fall foliage all around to enjoy is… the best. Whether you’re laying on the porch swing bed or rocking in a rocking chair, the front porch is the most relaxing spot on the farm, especially in the fall. (That’s my humble opinion, of course.)

In Fall, the front porch is where you will find a tremendous collection of mums, corn stalks, pumpkins, candles, pillows, blankets, and lanterns. I would describe the overall vibe as very cozy. 

Front porch swing bed with cozy Fall pillows and a blanket. Candles and pumpkins sit atop the coffee table.

I typically gravitate toward cooler tones year-round. In Fall, however, I crave warm colors to help create an inviting feeling in the spaces I design throughout the farmhouse. I love using brass and copper. Baskets and wood pieces are another way to add warmth and a rustic feel in Fall. Layering is also a wonderful way to add a cozy feel to any space. You can layer pillows, blankets, and even rugs.  

Time to dress up the porch for Fall.

Styling vignettes in Fall is always something I enjoy. When creating a vignette, the number one rule to remember is the rule of odds. Groupings of odd numbers are visually appealing to the eye. I like to use three to five pieces. When I decorate for Fall I love to use pumpkins, candles, florals, branches, books, and sometimes seasonal fruit, especially in vignettes.  

A collage of three photos of Fall vignettes using Fall florals, candles, branches and pumpkins.

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.

When I decorate throughout the farmhouse, I try to incorporate as much as I can from the outdoors. Mother Nature provides us with so many seasonal gifts, it would be a shame not to use them. I love to walk around the farm and gather flowers, grasses, branches, and anything else I can spot to help me celebrate the season around the farmhouse. 

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. Though the leaves haven’t quite started to change here in Coastal North Carolina I did find these branches with green berries on them. They were perfect to go in the vintage glass jug next to the porch swing. I love the rustic feel they add to the porch and they smell good too!

A collage of three photos. The first photo is a hand holding Fall branches in front of a pond. The second photo is the branches arranged in a glass jug on a metal table with a white lantern. The third photo is a close up of the branches in a glass jug.

Mums, mums, and more mums! I love all Fall florals, but mums are truly THE flower of Fall. They come in so many sizes and colors, each more beautiful than the next. I used a variety of mums, sunflowers, and echinacea on our front porch this season. They add the perfect pop of color and Fall whimsy to the porch.

Burgundy, yellow and orange mums and sunflowers  

I hope you enjoyed the outdoor Fall tour on the farm, I loved sharing it all with you. Fall is only a few days away and I’m so excited! To say I am ready for all things pumpkin, spice, and everything nice that comes with this incredible season, is an understatement. Happy Fall y’all!

Front porch with black rocking chairs and a mustard yellow blanket, coat cream pillows and flowers.

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  1. Meeghan,
    Your fall tour is amazing! So happy to be hopping with you today.

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    You inspire me to rework some areas in my home now – I love it all!!

  3. Our Signature Swag says:

    Oh girl, this looks so amazing! I had such a great time scrolling this morning!

  4. Jenn says:

    I love your farm!!!!! It’s perfectly decorated for Fall!!!

  5. Kaley says:

    Look at those dreamy outdoor space! I’m absolutely obsessed! I would live out here, especially the hammock. Stunning Meagan.

  6. Jessica says:

    Absolutely lovely!! I wanna come relax on YOUR farm. Mine is not as calm and quiet…haha.

  7. Amy says:

    Meeghan I just love your outside Fall decor. I love your style so much.

  8. Jordan Lund says:

    Girl your outdoor decor is just perfect for fall! So many amazing tips too!

  9. Beth Lewis says:

    Such a beautiful Fall tour!! I love all your ideas!

  10. This is all absolutely stunning! You have such a gift for styling inviting spaces!

  11. Carol says:

    Love your fall colors this year. It shows how much you love this time of year.

  12. penny says:

    oh my goodness! I love love love your updated blog. It is gorgeous! the photos are beautiful and flow is amazing!

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