DIY Wood Egg Tray

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What do you do when you find yourself with leftover wood and cabinet hardware after a laundry room remodel? Why, you make a French-inspired vintage DIY wood egg tray, of course!

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Farm Fresh Eggs

It wasn’t until I began researching how to raise chickens that I realized that farm-fresh eggs can stay fresh for up to a month without being refrigerated. Isn’t that fantastic?! It is until you realize you will be storing said fresh eggs on your kitchen counter for weeks. (Not that they even last that long in this house, because we are huge egg lovers on the farm!)

For someone with an aversion to clutter, like me, egg storage can be a bit tricky. Usually, I keep them in a basket or a bowl on the counter. If it’s on the counter, it’s got to look good! The hard part about keeping eggs in a basket or a bowl is that the older eggs end up on the bottom. It would be preferable to have the older eggs on top in order to use them first. Therefore, I came up with a plan to remedy my egg storage conundrum. 

Eggs Storage Inspiration

The other day while perusing the internet a French-inspired vintage wood egg tray caught my eye. “I think I can make something like that!” I thought.

Obviously, when I said “I” could make it, what I really meant was “we.” It’s no secret that one of my strengths is coming up with and designing most of the DIY projects around the farmhouse. However, without the help of my handy husband, many of those projects wouldn’t see the light of day. Without him, I’d be a DIY dropout. 

Now determined to make this project a reality, I headed to the barn to check out the pile of scrap wood we store in there.

Since finishing the laundry room remodel, we had some pretty nice wood scraps laying around. I also had the hardware left over from the old cabinets that we took out. I remember wanting to donate them to Habitat for Humanity, but my husband urged me to keep the hardware, “just in case.” I’m so glad he did! It was then that it hit me. I had everything I needed to make my own DIY wood egg tray!

What You Need to Make a DIY Wood Egg Tray

This is a fun, easy, and useful DIY. It’s the perfect project for a weekend or rainy day.

Here is what you need to make your own egg tray: (We had one 8-foot by 5 1/2-inch board leftover from the laundry room remodel that we used.)

  • 1- 16 in X 5 1/2 in piece of wood – for the base
  • 2- 6 in X 5 1/2 in pieces of wood – for the sides
  • 2- 3/4″ square dowel pieces cut in 5 1/2 in lengths (or 4 if you don’t have the hardware to use on sides as handles) These will brace the base and can be used as handles in the absence of hardware.
  • Sandpaper
  • 1- 1 1/4 in drill bit
  • Stain and/or paint
  • Handle Hardware (optional)

How to Make a DIY Wood Egg Tray

  • Cut and sand your wood pieces to size.
  • Once you have your wood pieces cut, measure three inches from the bottom of both six-inch side pieces. The base/shelf that the eggs will rest on will attach to these square dowel pieces. A level is recommended to ensure the shelf is straight. With wood glue or nails, attach the square dowel pieces to the side pieces.
  • With the square dowel pieces attached to the sides, it’s time to secure the shelf in between that the eggs will rest on.
  • Next, we made a template for the holes that the eggs will rest in. Using a 1 1/4 inch drill bit, we drilled twelve holes through the shelf each spaced one inch apart. You’ll want to sand the holes the best you can because they are a little rough around the edges.
  • Now it’s time to stain and/or paint your tray. I stained mine first, let it dry over night, and then painted it off-white the next day. After another day of drying, I gave my holder a rough sand with medium sandpaper to give it a more vintage, chippy look. I also attached leftover hardware from the old laundry room cabinets we took out to the sides of my holder.

Stained and painted version.

If you or someone you know has chickens or you get your farm fresh eggs from a local farmer or farmer’s market, this DIY wood egg tray is easy to make. It’s also a fun little DIY day project. This egg tray is the perfect way to store fresh eggs on your kitchen counter and it looks pretty too! I hope you enjoy making your own.

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  1. Jan says:

    Does it hurt the eggs (bloom) to store in painted or stained wood holder? Please help I’m new to this! I also just got duck eggs to try and nothing to store them in!

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