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When the weather is hot, keep a cool mind. When the weather is cold, keep a warm heart.”- Ajahn Brahm

Southern heat. You either love it or hate it. Or… in my case, you try everything possible to escape it. Air conditioning and shade are my best friends during the summer in the south because it’s hotter’n blue blazes!

Y’all, I didn’t know what hot was until we moved to North Carolina. It gets HOT here! Come July, August, and September, you see people get pretty creative trying to beat the heat when it’s ninety degrees in the shade. Without shade in the summer, here in the south you will die! Ok, maybe not die, but you may wish for death because the heat is so brutal.

I had been wishing and hoping for something a bit more substantial than an umbrella for shade on our back patio for a couple of years now. One day I would love a custom-built gazebo in the back. Until that’s in the budget, I am loving the gazebo we got from Sunjoy. Thanks to Sunjoy, my dreams of more shade on our back patio have come true. I am in love with this 10×10 gazebo! We have already used it so much lately as the temps have warmed up in North Carolina.

I had originally set up the area underneath with lounging in mind. Then our son mentioned that he thought it would be a great space to dine alfresco. I’m not sure which way I love more, but one thing is for certain, the shade it provides is a dream come true!

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