Beautiful Spring Wall Decor with a Big Impact

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This beautiful spring wall decor is the perfect way to create a big impact at home. It’s great for a large wall and it’s surprisingly easy to make. With just a few materials and tools you can decorate a large wall in your home too. 

Don’t Buy If You Can DIY

Have you ever had to look for a large wall decor piece for your home? Well, I did and y’all, they are expensive! Even after looking at online discount art websites, I could not find anything under $100. Okay, maybe there were a few pieces under $100, but unless you’re looking for a metallic etched elephant piece to put on your wall, your selection is extremely limited. (If you’re looking for a metallic etched elephant piece be sure to email me and I’ll send you in the link!)

After thoroughly scouring the internet and local stores I waved a white flag. My hopes and dreams of a large art piece on one of the walls in the farmhouse had been crushed. Part of me thought about doing a gallery wall, but there is a science to making a gallery wall look good and if I’m being honest, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Then it hit me! I’ll make my own piece.

Decorator Paper Creates Beautiful Spring Wall Decor 

I’ve always loved decorator paper. I’ve seen people use it so many ways and lately the papers Lately, the decorator papers I have been seeing have a very vintage feel to them, which I love. I thought to myself, “Why not use it as a large piece for wall decor!?” Challenge accepted.

Google, here I come! After surfing around the internet I found a few decorator papers I liked and one decorator paper that I loved. It was a perfect size, 36 X 48 inches. When it arrived in the mail, I was smitten. Now, the question was how to hang it on the wall, just slap it up there with some Scotch Tape and call it day? I don’t think so! I noodled around a bit and after a trip out to the barn to feed I saw the scrap wood pile from old projects that keeps accumulating and raising my blood pressure every time it grows in size. That was it! I could use a couple of scrap wood pieces, attach them to the top and bottom of the paper and make a “frame.” Genius and resourceful, I know! Sometimes I even surprise myself.

How to Make Beautiful Spring Wall Decor with a Big Impact

First, I brought in two, 1 in x 2 in x 4 ft wood pieces from the barn into the house. Next, I laid the decorator paper face down on the kitchen island and laid the wood pieces across the top and bottom. I wanted the wood to overlap the paper by a 1/4 inch on top and bottom. Then, I measured and cut off the wood length I didn’t need.

All the wood in the farmhouse (beams, barn door, tables, etc.) is stained Dark Walnut, by Varathane, so I  stained the wood for the paper the same shade. After a little sanding, I gave them each two coats of stain and let them dry overnight. Once the stain dried, I laid the paper face down on the kitchen island again. This time, I slid the wood pieces under the paper at the top and bottom. With my husband’s help to make sure the paper and the wood stayed in place (level), I stapled the paper to the wood using a staple gun. We attached a wall hanger to the back piece of the wood at the top and… Voila! The total cost of this beautiful, rustic, large piece of wall decor… Drumroll please!… $48. Now, even if you don’t have scrap wood laying around, I priced the same pieces of wood at Home Depot and each one is $2.33. For less than $55, you too can have a big, beautiful, wall piece. You’re welcome!

There are so Many Ways to Create a Big Impact for Less

Side note: When I shared this idea on Instagram, I had a follower send me a message thanking me for the idea because she had a big map she brought back from a memorable trip to Europe. She wanted to hang it in her home, but she didn’t want to spend a fortune to have it framed. I hadn’t even thought of a map, but I think this is a great idea for a map too.

This wall-hanging idea isn’t only for large pieces. It would be beautiful with a few 8 in X 10 in botanical prints for Spring, florals in the Summer, or different types of conifer trees in the Winter. The options are endless and you can’t beat the cost-effectiveness. I hope you like it!

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  1. Ellen E Bermudez says:

    Where did you get the candle holders to fit like this

    • Meeghan says:

      Hi Ellen. The wall piece with the candle holders on it is several years old. It’s from Pottery Barn. Sadly, they no longer carry it. It’s unfortunate because I always get a ton of inquiries about it.

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