Washable Rug Round-up

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I am so excited to share my washable rug round-up with you today. I often get asked about my favorite rugs. In this post, I’m going to share my favorite washable rug brands and styles. I am also giving you my honest reviews based on my personal experience with them in the farmhouse.

My hope is that the information in this washable rug round-up post helps in your decision-making when considering the purchase of a washable rug for your home.

Laundry room with rug on the floor and open shelving.

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Rugs in Decor

Rugs have long been used in homes throughout centuries. Not only are they are visually appealing, but they are functional too. Rugs can anchor a room, define it, add warmth, color, and/or texture, and help layer a room’s decor. They can also protect a floor, muffle noise, and make walking on floors more comfortable.

Living room with sofa, coffee table, side table and blanket ladder on a beautiful white wool rug.

Oftentimes, a rug is the focal point of a room. There is also a rug for every style including but limited to traditional, modern, abstract, Persian, geometric, boho, floral, distressed, and so many more. Now there are washable rugs too. Therefore, making the decision of what rug is best to use in a home can be a difficult one. 

Washable Rugs

The selection of beautiful and affordable rugs in stores and online is abundant these days. In the last few years, the creation of the washable rug has emerged and it’s become a game-changer in many homes (like mine). 

Foyer with front door open, a washable rug on the floor, and a dog sitting on it.

I purchased my first washable rug a few years ago when a company called Ruggable emerged on the rug retail scene. Their ads popped up all over my social media and within my Google searches. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t pay much attention to them because, as the old saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

However, as the weeks went by, the ads were not going away. As they kept popping up, my curiosity was getting the best of me.

Seeing is Believing

It was then that I decided to make my first washable rug purchase. I bought two rugs from Ruggable, one washable runner for either side of the kitchen island. 

Washable runner in the kitchen on the hardwood floor.

When the rugs arrived I was immediately impressed. They were beautiful and upon rolling them out and they looked perfect in the kitchen. The runners were also soft to walk on and I loved their low profile. Visually, I was a huge fan of washable rugs!

Too Good to be True?

Right away it was clear that washable rugs come in a variety of great styles and they are beautiful. However, one big question still remained… How do they wash? 

After a month or two of having Ruggable washable rugs in the farmhouse, it was time to wash them. I separated the rugs from their pads and threw them in the wash. They came out clean as a whistle and looked brand new. (Although I have dried washable rugs with great success in the dryer, I now air dry them to ensure they don’t shrink or get more “worn” looking from tumbling around in the dryer.) 

A washable rug coming out the dryer in the laundry room.

Once the rugs were dry, I reattached them to their pads and put them back on the floor. It was official, I was smitten with washable rugs!

Washable Rugs: A True Love Affair

Months later, I was contacted by Ruggable to collaborate with them on social media to help promote their washable rugs. They gave me their pitch and I told them that as much as I appreciated it, it wasn’t necessary because I was already a Ruggable rug customer. They were ecstatic to hear this. 

Within months, almost every rug in the high traffic areas of the farmhouse was a Ruggable rug. Including this one below, in the laundry room.

Washable rug on the laundry room floor.

Variety is the Spice of Life

As the news and popularity of washable rugs spread, more rug companies started to carry and promote them. Boutique Rugs has always been one of my favorite online area rug stores. Where there weren’t Ruggable rugs in the farmhouse, there were Boutique Rugs. However, it didn’t take long after Ruggable rugs came out with their washable rugs that Boutique Rugs joined the washable rug movement. 

After checking out their beautiful selection, it was clear that I needed to find out how well Boutique Rugs washable rugs held up to Ruggable washable rugs. As a rep for Boutique Rugs, I was excited to try their washable rugs and I considered this necessary expert research.

Side note: Use CALIGIRL60 at checkout for 60% off any rug from Boutique Rugs. Sorry, I digress… It’s just a huge discount on already affordably priced beautiful rugs that I had to make sure to share with y’all. Okay, back to washable rugs…

Cha, Cha, Changes

Initially, in the fall, I ordered a new washable rug for the foyer from Boutique Rugs. With twenty-five animals, two active kids, six acres of land,  and the front door being the main access point to the farmhouse, you can imagine the wear and tear our foyer rugs see throughout the year. This seemed like the perfect place to try out a new washable rug.

View of foyer with front door open, wall art on the wall, and a washable rug on the floor.

I loved this rug so much, that for the holidays I got two new washable runners for the kitchen. There is red in the design, which made them perfect for Christmas!

All three Boutique Rugs washable rugs washed beautifully. Again, I air dried them to ensure they’d last as long as possible and stay in the best possible condition. 

Washable Rug Round-up

By now it’s very clear that my love for washable rugs runs deep. I use them throughout the farmhouse in the highest traffic areas. The ability to wash a rug rather than spot clean it is a true game-changer. After a couple of years of using them, I have put together some pros and cons for my favorite two washable rug brands:


Washable runner in the kitchen on the hardwood floor.

  • Outstanding selection of beautiful rugs in many different styles
  • Washes beautifully
  • Non-slip rug pads that attach to the rug like Velcro (Pad is included in the price)
  • Outdoor washable rug selections
  • A thinner rug (not plush)
  • Curls up on corners (Ruggable did add reinforcement to the corners that have helped the curling issue)
  • Depending on the strength of the vacuum, it can lift off the pad a bit creating bumps that need to be flattened out

Boutique Rugs

Laundry room with rug on the floor and open shelving.


  • Outstanding selection of beautiful rugs in many different styles
  • Washes beautifully
  • Slightly heavier than Ruggable washable rugs and easier to vacuum without lifting
  • Less curling on corners
  • A thinner rug (not plush)
  • Slight curling on corners
  • Doesn’t come with a rug pad

As you can see from this list, both Ruggable and Boutique Rugs washable rugs are even in their pros and cons. For me, the washability of these rugs makes them the ideal choice for active families and homes with many pets. They are also a great choice for high-traffic areas in all homes. 

I hope this washable rug round-up with brand and product sources as well as my personal experience reviews was helpful. Whether you are shopping for a large or small rug, I highly recommend washable rugs. 

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  1. Christine says:

    Thank you for this review! Been wanting to get a washable rug and was hoping to find a comparable but more affordable brand than Ruggable. What type of rug pad do you use with the Boutique rugs?

    • Meeghan says:

      You’re welcome Christine! I’m happy you found the post helpful. I use rug pads from Amazon or Target throughout the farmhouse with my Boutique rugs. However, I’ve also been known to use old Ruggable pads with them too- if they fit. 😉

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