Summer Farmhouse Bedroom

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Warm sunshine, farmer’s markets, lazy afternoons on the porch swing catching the breeze, tending to the garden, and cooling off by the pool; these are just a few of the things I love about summer.

I also love to add summer touches to the farmhouse to celebrate the season. Light and airy fabrics, flowers, and green plants are my favorite summer touches. I try to bring as much of nature’s beauty from the outside, in.

The farm keeps me busy year-round, but especially during summer, so I like to keep the seasonal changes in the farmhouse simple. Simple and organized is always my goal in summer so I can enjoy the season as much as possible. This summer I added florals, stripes, and linen to our farmhouse bedroom. I thought it would be fun to share our bedroom with you today.

My cut flower garden has been such a gift this summer season. The Lilies, Zinnia, Black-eyed Susans, and Cosmos have been incredibly generous. There is nothing like the wonderful fresh scent of lilies in the summer. I added them to our room and the aroma that fills the space is heavenly.

Sunshine streaming in the windows, birds singing outside, and the scent of fresh lilies from the garden; what a beautiful way to wake up!

With fresh flowers abundant in the farmhouse, it only makes sense to add some floral fabric too. I used my favorite floral sheets on the bed and found some complimentary striped pillows in the linen closet to pair with them. Together, these pieces add a light, bright, and summery feel to the bedroom.

Linen is such a beautiful fabric, especially during the summer. The natural fibers, the breathability, and even the wrinkles remind me of the freshness that comes with summer. When I think of linen, I immediately picture it hanging on a laundry line above the green grass, being warmed by the summer sun and gently blowing in the breeze.

I’m a sucker for ruffles! When I found the beautiful linen duvet cover with ruffles on Etsy, I had to have it. I love the whimsical feel ruffles add to the look of the fabric. It’s the perfect feminine touch. Yes, linen can be an investment, but it’s so easy to take care of and it wears beautifully year after year.

As with my aging face, I embrace the wrinkles of linen and love the casual feel it adds to a space. I’m all about casual, relaxed, and comfortable in every room of the farmhouse, especially during summer.

In the summertime, I always have lots of hats around the farmhouse. We have an abundance of sunshine and going out to do work without a hat is not advisable. (Although I embrace the wrinkles that come with age and linen, I am trying to fend off Mother Nature as much as possible by using good sun protection.)

Now that we experience all four seasons in North Carolina, I have learned to embrace the summer and cherish the time we can spend outside. That’s why summer touches in the farmhouse are easy, subtle, and simple.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our bedroom. I had fun sharing the simple summer touches I added to celebrate the season. May your summer be filled with lots of sunshine, cool breezes, and wonderful memories to last a lifetime. It’s a beautiful time of year!

  1. Janice Docter says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the simplicity and colors ❤️

  2. Diane Sicher says:

    Hello. This is a beautiful bed. Can you let me know where I can purchase it? Thank you

    • Meeghan says:

      Hi Diane! The bed is by Wesley Allen Inc and the style is the Laredo. You can find a dealer near you on their website. I’m happy you like it!

  3. Mimi Perkins says:

    Love the lamp on the nightstand! Where did you purchase it?

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