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When it comes to farmhouse interior decorating and styling, I often get asked what I think are the most essential farmhouse decor pieces to have in a home. Whether your farmhouse style is modern, traditional, rustic, or just your own, I’m excited to share some of my favorite farmhouse home decor pieces here with you today.

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Farmhouse foyer styled with a white wood shelf and hooks. There is a farmhouse sign on self that says, "Stay awhile." A denim jacket and straw hat hang from the hooks.

Gorgeously galvanized.

Backyard gazebo with sitting area under it. A galvanized bucket holds flowers on the coffee table and a galvanized table is next to the teak chair.

The process of galvanizing metal involves coating the steel with zinc to protect it from rusting. On a working farm, you will find a plethora of galvanized buckets, troughs, and feeders, just to name a few things. The durability of galvanized metal ensures that many tools and necessities last season after season, year after year on the farm.

The authenticity of galvanized metal being found on a farm is one of the many reasons why it’s so popular as farmhouse home decor. Whether it’s displaying flowers in a galvanized bucket, serving guests on a galvanized tray, or hanging galvanized sconces on a wall, galvanized home decor pieces are perfect for a modern, traditional, or rustic farmhouse style.

Beautiful baskets.

Baskets have many purposes on a farm. A few of those purposes include carrying eggs, holding harvested produce, and helping to transport laundry. The use for baskets on a farm is abundant which is why they are also perfect for farmhouse decor. 

When I think about essential farmhouse home decor, baskets definitely come to mind. They add warmth and texture to any room. Baskets are perfect for storage. They can store food in the pantry or on the kitchen counter. Baskets can also store blankets, throw pillows, and toys in the living room. Of course, they are essential for any laundry room too. 

Trays for days.

A farmhouse tray on the kitchen island styled with a bowl of seasonal fruit, lilies in a vase, and a candle.

I have lost count of the number of trays I have in the farmhouse. (Shhh, don’t tell my husband!) I’ve got rectangular trays, circular trays, tiered trays, and risers. I also have trays with handles, trays without handles, trays for serving, trays for displaying, trays for indoor use, trays for outdoor use… I think you get the idea. I’ve got a lot of trays! My favorites though are my DIY wood farmhouse tray and my wood riser. These are such easy, beautiful, and functional home decor DIYs.

DIY Wood Farmhouse Tray 

DIY Wood Riser

DIY wood riser styled with a crock of hydrangeas, candlesticks, and a vintage book in the living room.

Trays are not only beautiful, but they can serve many purposes throughout a home. Aesthetically pleasing and functional home decor is my favorite. Trays fit that bill perfectly. I especially love using trays as centerpieces in high-traffic areas of the home. A beautifully styled tray is always perfect on the kitchen table, kitchen island, and coffee table. They create a lovely focal point in any room.

A tray makes a great base for beautiful centerpieces because it is mobile. A styled tray can be moved easily when it comes time to clear a space for use. Once the space that the tray centerpiece occupied is done being used, the tray can easily be moved back. 

Tip: When styling trays or risers, always remember the rule of odds. In design, groupings should always be done in odd numbers. Therefore, three to five pieces styled on a tray are usually perfect. The goal when styling a tray is to have two to four pieces on the outside to help to balance the focal point in the center. This creates a simple, natural balanced look that is most pleasing to the eye. 

The beauty of trays is that there is a tray for every farmhouse style! 

Don’t sweep it under the rug.

Girls bedroom with pink floral decals on white shiplap behind the white iron bed, open shelves on the opposite wall and a rug on the floor.

Wood floors are typically synonymous with farmhouses. Not only are they beautiful, but they are durable and easy to clean which makes them a wonderful option for a working or non-working farmhouse.  Hardwood floors can be noisy. One way to decrease the noise is by using rugs. In colder months of the year, rugs also help warm up the farmhouse and give it a cozier look and feel. 

As Dan Cooper of the Oldhouse Online blog states in his post “The History of Wood Flooring,” “During the first two-thirds of the 19th century, wooden floors that weren’t painted were intended to be covered; they were made of structural, not finish-grade, lumber, so knots and other blemishes abounded. The then-recent invention of the power loom meant that carpet was becoming more affordable to the growing middle class: stylish flat-woven carpets called Venetians and Ingrains, and pile carpets known as Wilton, Brussels, and Axminster. All were woven in 27″- or 36″-wide strips, hand-sewn together, and tacked down around the perimeter of the room. (Yes, wall-to-wall carpet wasn’t a mid-century phenomenon; it actually dates to the late 18th century.)” – 

Captivating Candles.

Farmhouse front porch swing bed with coffee table in front of it with a candle centerpiece on it.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall, candles always make the essential farmhouse home decor list. No matter the time of year, when you walk into our farmhouse it’s just about a guarantee that you will find a candle burning. Not only do I love burning seasonal candles in the farmhouse because of the wonderful fragrance they give off (always a plus when there are farm animals nearby), but they provide an incredibly warm and welcoming feel in the home that cannot be denied. 

I love using jar candles in the kitchen, the office, and on the coffee table. Candlesticks and pillar candle holders are great for adding height to any table, mantel, or shelf you are styling. Small votives also create a cozy, intimate, and beautiful ambiance in any space. If you ask me if you can have too many candles, my answer will unequivocally be, no. I love them so much!

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Farmhouse laundry room folding table with a mirror on the wall above it.

Mirrors are a great way to create a feeling of depth and space. They can help a small room feel bigger which is why they are perfect in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and hallways.  In farmhouse decor, mirrors are also often styled over fireplace mantels and in foyers over entryway tables. With their ability to reflect light, mirrors can also enhance the natural light in a room. There are so many reasons to love mirrors when it comes to interior design!

A few more favorite essential farmhouse home decor pieces.

Farmhouse sunroom with a beige sofa and a coffee table in front of it with hydrangeas in a crock and candles on it. Behind the couch is a blanket ladder with a cozy blanket draped over it.

Pitchers, crocks, jars of all kinds, pillows, throw blankets, and blanket ladders are just a few more of my favorite essential farmhouse home decor pieces.  Whether they are used in a vignette on a tray, styled on a table or the kitchen island, placed on or next to a sofa, or draped over a chair, these pieces all add to the charm, comfort, and inviting feel that is farmhouse style. 

Hopefully, you found these essential farmhouse home decor pieces and their sources beautiful and helpful. I hope you enjoyed the styling tips too!

If you are looking for more farmhouse home decor sources, here are a few of my favorite online shops:

The Nested Fig

Piper Classics

Antique Farmhouse

Decor Steals

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Farmhouse foyer styled for summer. A bench has a straw market basket filled with flowers and an egg basket next to it. On the floor in front of the bench are black rubber boots. On the wall is a shelf with hooks.




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