Clay Heart Valentine’s Decorations

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I’m so in love with these clay heart Valentine’s decorations! This is my new favorite Valentine’s Day DIY. (I know I say that with every new project I share, but it’s true. I get so invested in each one of them!) These sweet little clay hearts are the perfect little touches for the holiday. They look beautiful strung up on ribbon to make Valentine’s garland. You can also hang them from branches for a sweet Valentine’s centerpiece or tie them onto gifts for loved ones.

Clay heart Valentine’s decorations strung on red ribbon and with gold wire on them to hang them.

No matter how you use these clay heart Valentine’s decorations, they are a sweet way to spread some love. They’re also so fun and easy to make. I hope you love this project as much as I do. Let’s get started!

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Love Is In The Air

To be honest, now that the kids are grown and out of the house, Valentine’s decorating around the house isn’t what it used to be. However, that’s not to say that I don’t like to sprinkle a little love around the farmhouse for the holiday. 

Clay heart Valentine’s decorations hanging from a floral arrangement in the kitchen on the island.

In the kitchen, I add my beautiful and easy Valentine’s dish towels and a crock of red, white, and pink flowers. I always have a jar of holiday candy in the foyer for when the kids come home or when we have guests over. In the living room, sunroom, and family room you may find a heart candle or pillow sprinkled about. The touches are minimal, while at the same time, you can feel that love is in the air. This year, I added a sweet garland on the cutting board rack near the table in the breakfast nook. 

Supplies Needed to Make Clay Heart Valentine’s Decorations

Everything you need to make clay heart Valentine’s decorations including air-dry clay, a rolling pin, rubber stamps, heart cookie cutters, paint, glaze, and paintbrushes.

How to Make Clay Heart Valentine’s Decorations

Making these clay heart decorations is so easy. Have fun and get creative! Make them unique to you and to your style. 

1. Roll out the clay to about a quarter of an inch thick.

Clay rolled out to about 1/4-inch thick.

If using a stamp or embossed rolling pin, stamp or roll out the design into the clay.

Removing the stamp which made a script impression in the clay.

2. Using the heart-shaped cookie cutters, press them into the clay to make the heart shapes.

Pressing a heart shaped cookie cutter into the clay.

3. Carefully poke holes into the clay using a skewer or toothpick. 

Making holes in the clay heart Valentine’s decoration for hanging.

Allow the clay to dry overnight. Remember to turn the hearts over every so often so that they air dry completely.

4. Using the colors of your choice, paint the clay hearts. Don’t forget to paint the edges and the backs of the hearts.

Painting a clay heart Valentine’s decoration with crimson red acrylic paint.

Painting on the champagne gold paint over the red on a clay heart.

5. Once the paint has dried apply the glaze with a clean paintbrush. Allow the hearts to dry.

Applying the glaze to the painted clay heart Valentine’s decorations.

6. Add wire or ribbon for hanging.

Clay heart Valentine’s decorations strung on red ribbon and with gold wire on them to hang them.

Sprinkle A Little Love Around

These clay heart Valentine’s decorations can be sprinkled all around the house. As I mentioned earlier, you can make a garland with them and hang them from a branch or on a tree. They can also be tied to gifts or around a vase with a beautiful Valentine’s flower arrangement in it. These adorable hearts can also be used as filler for a bowl or jar on display in the home. If you plan on using them as filler, I would suggest not putting any holes in the hearts. I plan to use some of my clay hearts as napkin holders for our Valentine’s Day dinner. 

Clay Heart Valentine’s Decorations used on a red napkin.

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Pinterest Pin for clay heart Valentine’s decorations.

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