New Year, Fresh Beginning

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Happy New Year!

With 2017 upon us and the holidays behind us, I took the last few days to reflect on my goals for Cali Girl In A Southern World. I am excited about beginning the new year fresh! Although it was very fun sharing the holidays with you, it was such a busy time that I don’t feel like I really had the chance for you to get to know me. Part of the reason I started this blog is because so many family members and friends who know about my life here kept saying, “You should really share about everything that goes on with you, it’s so entertaining!” Well, I’m not sure about that, I guess I’ll let you be the judge, but I do know that there are some days on the farm that can be pretty amazing and also a little crazy at times. In this new year, I hope to share more of the day to day with you, when it’s entertaining! Of course, I’ll skip the never ending loads of laundry and daily Swiffering of the floors.

I want to make you feel at home in our home by sharing some of our design and decor projects, as well future planning projects. I will introduce you to the farm; including the animals and my garden. By the way, any gardening tips along the way will be much appreciated, turns out (sadly), that I don’t have much of a green thumb in North Carolina. I never did in California either, so I’m not sure why it surprises me!  Apparently, having a larger plot of land to cultivate doesn’t automatically make you a Master Gardner. My dreams have been crushed! Finally, I am looking forward to sharing recipes with you throughout the year that are family favorites on the farm and that highlight the flavors of the seasons.

It’s going to be a good year! I am very excited about beginning a fresh new year here on the farm and best of all, I am excited to share it with you. Thank you for joining me!


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