It’s Feeling Like Fall Y’all

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It’s feeling like Fall y’all. The humidity in the air is almost nonexistent. Leaves are starting to change color. Best of all, you need to grab a sweater off the hook by the front door before leaving the farmhouse. blog-2-its-feeling-like-fall-yall

Seasonal Changes are the Best

After living in sunny southern California for most of my life, I know it may sound crazy to some, but waking up to 70 degrees and sunny every day got a little tiresome. Now that we’ve been in the southeast for over a year, we have experienced a full round of seasonal changes and I love it!

It’s Feeling Like Fall Y’all

Even on the west coast, my favorite season has always been fall. Although the seasonal changes in California were much more subtle.

Since moving to North Carolina, I love Fall more than ever. For the first time last year, I experienced the true gift of Fall. The vibrant blanket of maroon, orange and yellow leaves that covered the Great Smoky Mountains took my breath away! The fog that rose just below the mountain tops and the cold crisp air was incredible. It was then that I realized that the Fall I experienced in California wasn’t close to a true Fall experience. 

Cool Crisp Air

There is nothing like that first fall morning when you walk outside and you immediately know (and feel) that something has changed. After a hot and humid southern summer, there is no better gift than feeling a chill in the air. That chill is the first sign that summer is officially coming to a close. That first taste of cool crisp air is the sign everyone waits for. Feeling that change in the air is when you know that autumn is making its entrance. Soon after that first official Fall morning, the signs of Fall become more abundant with each passing day.

Fall Leaves

Now that I live in the south, Fall is no longer marked by Starbucks’ seasonal release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Though don’t get me wrong, I still love me a PSL! Fall is now marked by firewood for sale around town, pumpkins and mums adorning every storefront, and the leaves starting to change.

The coast of North Carolina is blanketed by the state tree, the Long Leaf Pine. They are strong and durable trees that fair well in hurricanes and coastal storms. Unfortunately, because they are pine trees, they are evergreen. However, there are other trees throughout the state, especially in the mountains (only about 3 hours away from the coast) where the tree leaves changes color, and the mountains are blanketed with vibrant Fall colors like burgundy, gold, orange, and red.

So Thankful it’s Feeling Like Fall Y’all

img_3913If you’re like me, Fall marks the beginning of a season filled with gratitude, family, friends, entertaining, and decorating.

The cold weather brings everyone inside and I love the sound of football on the television, the smell of fresh-baked bread in the kitchen, and the family cuddled up on the couch under blankets sipping cocoa.

Making friends and family comfortable in our home is always very important to me. Though in Fall, spending my days cozying up our home, cooking and baking in the kitchen for my favorite people, and spending time outside with the animals is especially enjoyable.

Happy Fall y’all!


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